Kid’s Clothes Week – Spring edition is here again!

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#7

Similar to the previous editions, KCW rules are simple:

  • Sew clothes for your kids
  • 1 hour a day
  • each day for 7 days

If you follow this blog, you may recall that usually Kid’s Clothes Weeks are a must for me.

I do manage to sew quite a few pieces and if the Kid’s Clothes Week dates are not always suitable to my schedule, I even try to plan/sew in advance.

Yet, this time, I knew KCW was not going to happen: 1) I’ve been dealing with a couple of work-related deadlines (love it, of course, but they don’t make it easier to accommodate KCW’s sewing schedule), 2) KCW is happening right in the middle of the Easter School break (3 kids, no school and a exhausted mum. Sorry, I couldn’t see it (sewing) working) and 3) my younger boy was submitted to a (scheduled) ear surgery earlier this week (he’s doing great, btw) and needed extra cuddles.

I was sure, I was going to skip Kid’s Clothes Week -Spring edition this time.

It was day three of KCW already and sewing time had been quite nonexistent.

Then, I managed to secure some “quality sewing time” (explanation: “quality sewing time” is what happens when everyone in the house is asleep and you’re still too much awake and not in the mood for more work-related tasks).

In a subtle attempt to schedule my KCW sewing list, I had selected/printed and cut a couple of patterns I was hoping to work with. Oliver+S Hide and Seek dress pattern was on my list. Within a few minutes, the pattern pieces were cut and I was ready for some late night sewing (love it!).

Confession: Oliver and S Hide and Seek dress was not a love at first sight. I was not entirely convinced when it was first introduced, yet I was sure I would change my mind.

Somehow, it always happens with Oliver+S patterns.

You start by convincing yourself that you really don’t need another pattern, that the design is not exactly right (for you) and, a few days later, you see a couple of gorgeous versions (here, here, here and here and much much more) and suddenly … you badly need another Oliver+S pattern. I’m quite sure some of you can relate to this (right?).

From cutting to finish, it took me about 3 hours (nights are great for sewing) and I can honestly say there will be more versions. I just love everything about this dress – the front yoke (perfect for using small pieces of fabric), the welt pockets and cuffed, three-quarter-length sleeves. It’s truly an adorable dress! And the it sews like a dream – not a quick project, but you can easily complete it in a long sewing session. 

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#1


I used small dots for the main fabric and a small piece of Liberty Mitsi in green for the front and back yoke.

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#2

I also added a lace trim to the front yoke.

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#3

As for the fit on my girl?

Love it! (sorry about the pictures, but with no prior planning, I do considered it a victory to have some action pictures to show here).

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#4

I’ve selected a size 5 for her, despite her measurements putting her in a size 6. I was hoping for a more fitted look as the dress fit looked a bit loose to me.

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#6

I plan to search my stash for those little fabric pieces and make few couple more before the summer really hits us (probably I’ll be making the tunic version next).

As for the reaming KCW days, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sew another piece of clothing. Yet, so far I’m quite pleased with myself.

I always love a beautiful dress :)

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia



My girl turned 6 a couple of weeks ago (yes, I’ve been on denial for quite a while) and, as expected, I sew her a new dress.

I did choose the pattern (which I knew she would love) and her favorite colors (she’s not that much into pink, but she does love bright colors and prints):

Georgia Vintage Dress#1

Do you recognize the pattern?

It’s the Georgia Vintage Dress by The Cottage Mama (size 6, obviously) and she couldn’t be more pleased about it. She love it so much, she wore it 2 days in a row and even asked to sleep with it (which didn’t happened).

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for the Cottage Mama patterns and while I didn’t actually test the Vintage Georgia dress, I follow the testing phase and knew that I would need this pattern: it’s absolutely stunning, Lindsay managed to capture the vintage vibe so well (sleeves, front bib, precious collar, gathered skirt, you name it. Everything is there), her instructions are flawless and it’s just the sort of dress any girl would love (or at least, my girl).

Despite the details, the actual sewing was quite simple (this took me 4 hours from cutting to modelling) and the outcome is just as amazing.

PicMonkey Collage#1

The pattern has quite a few variations, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I did however, added a lace trim around the front yoke, which might have been a bit “too much”.

PicMonkey Collage#4

Maybe it was because of my fabric choices (recently I’ve been moving towards softer hues), but I have mixed feelings about this dress: I love the pattern (do try it, if you have the chance) but the actual dress just doesn’t feel right on her: it’s stunning, but I find it a bit “different” (sorry, can’t find the proper word in English).

Maybe my fabric selection wasn’t the most suitable … (again, I love the fabrics, but the whole outfit seems “too busy”)

Georgia Vintage Dress#7

On a side note, and because I often get questioned about my boy’s wardrobe, here’s my current favorite pattern for boy’s pants: Oliver + S Art Museum pants.

The never-ending winter lighting (I know, it should be spring by now) and the fact that I’ve used Hampton Twill Solid in Midnight (these are intended for school-wear so they had to comply with the school uniform policy) didn’t do much for the photos.

I bought this pattern when it was released, but kept postponing making the pants (too many excuses). I can’t tell you this is the most easy fast pattern I know (it’s not), but the outcome will make you so proud – after it was done, I just kept admiring the outcome.

I followed the original pattern (with faux fly) but I already have plans another pair (for weekend wear) using the tutorial for adding a front zipper fly (my boy’s request plus a coordinating vest).

And I might even explore the “shorts” option – these would look great for summer school wearing.

The fit is great on him – slim fit which looks very flattering on him and just enough details to make a little boy happy: belt loops, front pocket and back welt pockets.

Although poor winter lighting made it difficult to document the outcome, I had to share: he had some very specific ideas for modeling: reading his current favorite book and drinking a glass of water (he’s 7, lol).

PicMonkey Collage#2

Of course, there’s no way he could have his own photo session. Someone else wished to be included …

Oliver+S Art Museum Pants#4

These two are the best friends (they plan on running their own farm when they grow up) and the sweetest little persons I know.

And just for your info, they are not twins (she’s 6 and he’s 7). 

PicMonkey Collage#3

Precious, right? (love the way, he still kept his pose. We all love our little “drama queen”)

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia


My little girl will be turning 6 in just a few days …

She has been counting down the dates and I’m still wondering how did this happened so fast! I’m quite sure, she was crawling just yesterday and all of a sudden she’s reading and writing and counting. My sweet baby :) 

Moving on, we knew it was time for a little bedroom refashion. Having shared a room with her younger brother for so many years, she will now have a room all of her own so a few sewing projects were in order.

I’ve been working on a big-girl quilt, trying to squeeze it in the slot of time I manage to get on my own after the kids go to bed. Still, I don’t expect it to be finished on time for her birthday (I have the “bad habit” of bringing some office-work home and end up working on reports instead of sewing).

Nevertheless, and because I know how my kids love to get handmade gifts I had also planned some smaller projects that she will love (fingers crossed) and that could be completed on time.

Lucky for me, these didn’t took me longer and are now nicely wrapped waiting for her B-day. I will show you in a few days what I made her. Obviously, she doesn’t read the blog yet, but it’s almost impossible for me to take pictures without her noticing (I can sew during the wee hours of the night, but I do need proper light for the pictures).

I’ll give you an example:

Last week, the sweet Virginia from Gingercake asked me if I was willing to try her newest  Gingercake PDF Pattern : Philomena, the Fox. I’ve tried a few of her patterns before (you may remember, Lucky the Elephant, who is still very much loved around here) and I knew a new soft animal pillow would be a great addition to her Birthday set (and to be honest, Gingercake patterns are a pleasure to sew – simple, clear and  straight forward instructions perfect for sewing with children).

Philomena fox#4

As usual, sewing the pattern was so easy. I know I’ve said that before, but Philomena Fox must be the easiest quickest soft toy pattern I’ve sewn to date (and yes, I had a little helper with me – my youngest boy – and even with that extra “help” it was fast …).

Although I already knew which set of fabrics I was going to use, the most difficult part was to choose the ones to be used for the fox.

In the end, I was rather pleased with the outcome – fabrics are from the new Tasha Noel collection, Country Girls (love love her girly designs).

Philomena fox#3

While my little girl was distracted with her chores (feeding babies, reading stories, …) I decided to take a chance and grab a few pictures of the Fox in her soon-to-be natural environment (if you look closely you can see a glimpse of another Birthday gift).

Obviously, it didn’t work.

Soon, she was in the bedroom checking what we were doing and while we managed to “hide” the basket, the Fox was “caught”.

Philomena fox#7

She kept checking every little detail: How you sew the eyes? Can she sleep with me? What’s inside? … 

Philomena fox#9

She was so happy with her new Philomena Fox, I just couldn’t hold it much longer.

To be honest, who wouldn’t love to get such a lovely Birthday gift ahead of time?

Philomena fox#12

I almost forget to add that this pattern also includes a matching Owl pattern. Around here, the Max Owl is already promised to my little boy (I can tell you there will be some pirates involved. Let’s see how I’ll make it work).

Philomena Fox#Collage

Thank you, Virginia!!

I’m pretty sure this will be another much-lovely animal around here :)

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

Today, I’m sharing my Mailbox Surprise creation at Marta’s blog and you’re invited to take a look and see what I’ve done with Laura‘s amazing package!

Mailbox surprise

Care to take a look?

Mailbox surprise#6

Mailbox surprise#2

M’s dress pattern from Boat Neck Dress from the Wee Muses Sewing Pattern Collection.

Doll dress pattern: Self-drafted.

Thank you so much to Laura, Marta, and Marte.  This is such a fun series and I can’t wait to check what everyone else is sewing :)

PS: Just in case you missed it, do check Heidi’s post on the package I send her – she did the most amazing outfits for her little girl with Portuguese fabrics. It’s definitely worth a visit!

mailbox suprise button long

xx, Ana Sofia

I was supposed to be absent for so long from this space.

Somehow, I don’t really do Winter very well :(

I always knew I had an higher than average sensitivity to the weather and winter months are the most challenging (and ours are really mild winters. A bit too much rain this year, but that’s all – no snow and no freezing temps). Nevertheless, I keep daydreaming for a bit of sunshine!

So, what can a girl sew while waiting for warmer days (considering that it’s still a bit too soon for Spring sewing – I need some sunshine to get inspired for that as well …)?

Well, just a few random, and quite easy and useful, projects, of course …

It has been a year since I first tested this pattern for my kids (free zip pouch tutorial, again enlarged by 125%) and I really wanted to sew a couple of these purses for me for quite a while as well. I needed to replace my older ones (store-bought) and decided to use some Liberty remnants from previous projects. For the inside/lining I also used a remnant from a previous Oliver+S Birthday Party dress.

liberty zipper purse#3

These turned out so lovely. I was having second thoughts about actually putting them to use, but my girl volunteered to test them for their toys so I decided it was best to use them right away.

liberty zipper purse#2

I’m using the blue one for my make-up and the other for my cosmetics. They look so pretty inside and this way I get to use them daily.

And that makes me happy :)

liberty zipper purse#1

While making these purses I got to check all the bits and scraps of Liberty fabrics that are in my cupboard – most of them are just too small and will be used for sewing hair bows and bias tape, but others are long enough to be used for “bigger” projects.

Like, sheets and pillow sets for my kids (!)

Handmade sheets set#1

Again, the Liberty was a remnant from a previous Oliver+S Ice Cream blouse and had the perfect length for this project. I just needed to add some peach-colored rick-rack.

Liberty sheets set#1

Of course, a boy’s set was also needed – For the blue set, I used blue/mint striped seersucker and blue rick-rack.

Seersucker Sheets set#1

I didn’t use a specific pattern for making this – I just added a fabric band to the top of a sheet (I also made the sheet from a crispy white sheep fabric bought on a local shop, but you can use a purchased sheet and add the fabric band and trim). For the pillowcase I just did the same (and used french seams so there’s no exposed seams inside).

Handmade sheets set#2

Pretty, right?

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

KCW 2014 // Blue dots

KCW 2014 ended yesterday, but I had a busy weekend and couldn’t post my final pieces.

So, I guess, I’ll keep on posting some KCW 2014 pieces here for a little longer …

Despite the busy weekend (mostly devoted to assembling a new Ikea cupboard and assisting my older boys with their homework/study) there was still time for some sewing and even managed to include a photo session.

Although, I do have to confess that some projects were left unfinished (as usual, I was aiming for the moon with a huge list of sewing projects).


Further to my previous project, the School Photo dress (also from Oliver +S) was also on the top of my KCW 2014 sewing list.

For a couple of reasons (it takes more yardage than my usual go-patterns and a bit more sewing time) I have made this dress only once before. Yet, my girl wore it lot and it soon become one of these dresses that you pick when you don’t have enough time left to deal with “morning tantrums” – it’s also cozy enough for winter dressing (specially if you had a cardigan/little coat on top) and it also doubles quite well as a transition dress (adorable for spring or fall).


The fabric is a blue dots pique cotton, from my stash, that was just the right amount for the dress. However , this time, I was able to sew a size up (which always make me happy) and use a small piece of Liberty that was a leftover of another project for the hidden pocket (double happy :) ).

For adding interest, I also add large rick-rack to the front panels. It was a bit tricky but it worked quite well.


I would not rate this dress as an easy project, but it’s definitely very satisfaction – and after the hidden pocket is completed, the rest of the dress comes together pretty easily (yes, even the invisible back pocket).


Obviously the main attraction of this dress is the front hidden pocket, and I’m quite sure this alone will make this dress a success with any little girl.


I even got a few giggles!!


Happy sewing, 

xx Ana Sofia

KCW is almost over (really?) and although I do love the fact that I can squeeze a couple of much-delayed projects in 1-week, I do feel I couldn’t do this for much longer.

My usual sewing routine means I manage to sew 1 or 2 pieces/outfits per week, which is quite okay. But, during KCW that number is significantly higher.

When selecting the patterns I wanted to use for KCW Winter 2014, the Apple Picking dress (Oliver and S) was on the top of my list. I’ve only made this dress once before (before this blog, but you can check it here) and at the time, despite loving the process, I wasn’t aware on how much we (me and my girl) would love this dress – this dress was worn a lot and it become a favorite for several years.

This year, I missed having such a reliable (and adorable) dress in her wardrobe and knew I need to sew a new version.

Nevertheless, I must confess that I wasn’t very keen on this pattern when it was released. It was “Oliver+S perfect” as usual, but overall it didn’t strike me as a must-have pattern.

I was so wrong! I love it!

Apple picking#8

Unfortunately, because I’m forcing myself to sew of my stash for this KCW challenge, I couldn’t sew a size up – I only had 1 meter left (there was a lot of creative cutting involved)! Obviously, I don’t expect this will last her as much as the earlier version.

Apple picking#5

It has a couple of exquisite details (double placket, neck ties and double layer skirt) and looks very elaborated yet it’s a pleasure to sew (as with any Oliver+S patterns).

Apple picking#6

I love to see how this dress looks in small-scale prints (this is a floral Viyella and it was a perfect match for the pattern).

Apple picking#7

Still a favorite :)

Apple picking#2

The fit was perfect on my girl – I would love a bit extra length for the skirt but I really run out of fabric (and because it has been in my stash for so long, I couldn’t purchase more).

Apple picking#4

Hopefully this will become a new favorite – both for me and for my girl. So far, she seems to enjoy it as much as I do :)

Apple picking#1

See you tomorrow (fingers crossed, as there are still hems and pictures to be taken).

Apple picking#3

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia


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