On blogging …

The reason why I kept procrastinating a blog was because I couldn’t find any good reason to do it.

There are so many great blogs out there (I’ll be posting on some favorites soon).

Yet, I come to the conclusion that I needed a blog for illustrating my journey as a sewer, apart from my (chaotic) workday. A place where I could share my love for fabric and beautiful, handmade creations that really make me smile and give me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Anyway, life will happen along the way…

So, eventually, I’ll also post on family, children and the challenges of balancing everything.

But, this blog will mainly feature my sewing endeavours. My aim is to provide some tips for creating for your kids/family even if you don’t really consider yourself to be an expert sewer (I know I’m not!). The blog will feature mainly kids projects (clothes and little things) but also many more (great expectations, I know!).

I will definitively focus on my favorite patterns, fabrics, designers  and inspiration (like the recently launched children’s wear from Oscar de la Renta, which features Catherine Monteiro de Barros as vice president. Catherine Monteiro de Barros was also founder of the shuttered label Papo d’Anjo – a well-known Portuguese label).

After all, balance lies in the small gestures and it’s often so easy to incorporate small routines into your daily life.

Also, and hopefully with the help of my sweet husband photo skills ( I know he’ll read this, ;)), S is for Sewing will also feature some tutorials using my favorite patterns and fabrics.
Now, let the fun begin…