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KCWC Spring 2012 – The end

KCWC Spring 2012 is ending today (at least, from where I’m posting, lol)

It’s been quite an amazing week!

One of my weakest spot is time management (in my humble opinion, of course. I’m often told that I have other major flaws, but I’m pretty sure they are joking lol) and this week it was all about time management: lots of sewing, a crazy work agenda (as usual) and very little sleep (I’m also used to it).

The initial plan was to get a start on my summer sewing list for Miss M (trust me its a huge list! Dressing 3 kids for summer is crazy even if you try to balance the sewing with some store-bought items) and sew to 2 rompers for the new baby nephews.

The outcomes:

Not exactly what I expected (there were some changes to the initial plan along the way). Yet, I’m pretty aware that this has been one of the busiest weeks (speaking of sewing, of course) I’ve ever experienced.

It was a great experience (many lessons learn, which is always the best part), Miss M has some new items in her summer wardrobe (ready for summer, if and when it arrives…), and I need to thank  Meg from the Elsie Marley blog, Constança from SaídosdaConcha and all KCWC Spring 2012 participants for the motivation and fantastic inspiration along the way!

Of course, I did try (ok, my husband did) to get some photos for the challenge. unfortunately, this time both the model (which is the sweetest girl but really not into the model business) and the weather (pouring rain during the entire weekend) didn’t help us.

Nevertheless, here are the possible photos and details:


Oliver+S Sailboat skirt (in stripped denim with red topstitching and buttons)

Easy and quick to sew (as most O+S patterns I’ve tried so far). Was not in my initial listing, but Miss M needed a skirt for school and I needed the motivation (lol):



Children’s Corner Mamie (Fabric finders floral, Size 5)

I wanted to try this pattern since it was released. A Flickr friend advised me that the pattern runs a bit small and she was right. This is a size 5 and still looks a bit tight on my girl. I’m pretty sure it won’t last her the entire summer (but then again, she’s currently outgrowing her clothes on a monthly basis).

It’s a sweet girly pattern and I’ve been advised that “its a ballerina dress! Look, mum it twirls!!”. So I’m pretty sure it will get lots of use by a certain “ballerina”:



Oliver+S Bubble dress (Toria Liberty in Blue, Size 4, but I wish I’d made a size 5)

I’ve been saving this fabric for this dress for a long time. It’s one of my favorite Liberty prints (it’s blue!) and the drape it’s just perfect for this pattern (it looks much better in real life).

If all goes according with my plan (i.e. if we have sun instead of pouring rain), she will be wearing this dress to her older brother “Profession of Faith” in a couple of weeks.

I just love this pattern (and one of the reasons I did a size 4 is because I don’t want to accept the fact that she is already outgrowing the pattern sizing (it only goes to 5T)



Oliver+S Birthday Party Dress (Metro Living Dots in Navy and red sating ribbon and buttons, Size 5)

Another favorite pattern from Oliver+S. Not the easiest and probably not the quickest dress to sew, but I always love the final outcome and it gets a lot of wear around here.

For a long time, I struggle with the shoulder construction on this pattern (slipstiching is not a favorite of mine). But now, I “break the rules” a bit; instead of  constructing the shoulder hem using slipstiching I follow a different method (Mallory dress from CC) and always get flawless results. Please note that Liesl instructions are always perfect (the best I’ve read to date), yet for me this modification made a huge difference and now I’m using this pattern much more 🙂



Oliver+S 2+2 Blouse (Cape Ann Fabric, Size 4)

Another wardrobe staple that will get much use in the upcoming months.

The soft print of the toile doesn’t photograph well, but I love it in real life. It’s soft and perfect for my girl (and pink!).



Oliver+S Class Picnic Blouse (Children at Play fabrics by Sarah Jane, Size 4 with added length)

I planned on using this fabric but… for an Oliver+S hopscotch Skirt. What happen (you may be tempted to ask)?

Sibling talks (while I was cutting, arg!).

The story goes like that (short version): I was placing the pattern pieces on the fabric. Miss M was helping with the pins. G (which is 15 months her senior) watches and makes a comment “You’ll need to wear that skirt with a pink blouse!“, She replied “Of  course! I’m a girl!“. After a couple of minutes, he added “You will look so tacky! That’s way too much pink!!” .

She stares at me, goes to the cupboard and picks the Class Picnic pattern. “Ok. It will be a new blouse, instead. And I’ll wear it with jeans and shorts. Blue jeans!!

So, probably that probably explains why my girl doesn’t have an all-pink wardrobe.

Maybe I should thank G after all 🙂


It was great fun!

If you managed to get through the end of this (rather long and boring) post you’re indeed very brave.

My girl decided that modelling was not her thing, but found the perfect excuse to practice her teaching skills:


As for me, my plan for tonight involves white tea, banana cupcakes and KCWC Flickr/Blog (re)viewing.


xo, Ana Sofia

21 thoughts on “KCWC Spring 2012 – The end

    1. Thank you Cindy!
      That’s so sweet coming from you – so many gorgeous clothes (I mostly only sew for one girl, lol).

    1. Thank you, Justine!
      It was hard work/sewing, but it feels so good to open her closet and see the new (summer-ready) clothes! (even if the weather outside is still cloudy and rainy)

  1. Extraordinário!! Estou impressionada com tamanha produção… e tudo tão giro! 🙂

    1. Obrigada!
      Na verdade no final do dia (quando a casa fica em silêncio) é a altura ideal para terminar aquilo que foi ficando por fazer ao longo do dia. Felizmente, esta foi uma boa semana e acabei por me entusiasmar com o desafio 🙂
      Obrigada uma vez mais pela partilha.

    1. Thank you Trinh!
      I also think your daughter is very lucky!
      Love the badminton skort plus 2+2 blouse you did for the challenge (and your latest playsmock is so beautiful)

    1. Thank you so much Gina!
      I’m really happy with the fact that my little girl also loved the “new clothes”. As I sew most of her clothes and it would be quite difficult if she didn’t love it; dressing up in the mornings would be quite a challenge 🙂

  2. Hey!! Just found your blog today and I´m so happy you decided to write one at last. Your creations are so inspiring to me. I can´t get enough of your beautiful fabrics and colour choices.
    It´s late today to browse your blog but I´ll surely come back to read all the entries.

    1. ¡Hola María!
      ¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario!
      Ya lo sabes que soy una fan de tu blog (de verdad que no me compro la Burda hasta leer tu entrada en el blog) y de tus creaciones – ¡son preciosas!
      !Gracias por tu inspiration!
      xo, Ana Sofia

  3. What a great wardrobe and so balanced with dresses, tops, and the skirt. I don’t know which I love most! (I lie….I’m a sucker for the bubble dress pattern but they could all be a close second). Your blog and photos are lovely too! I don’t know how you do all that and work too! I keep thinking when I go back to work in a year or so that I am going to miss being able to have time to sew. You are inspiring.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!
      The bubble dress probably is also my favorite (mainly because I had the Toria print saved for quite a long time exactly for this pattern. Just waiting for the perfect occasion)
      To be honest, I’m also not quite sure if I’ll be able to manage everything. Some weeks are a bit better than others (for sewing, of course).
      All I can say is that it does take a lot of planning – I would be lost without my to-do-lists (I have one for just about everything).
      Xo, Ana Sofia

  4. hardly boring post! Rather, inspirational and awe-inspiring! What beautiful fabrics and clothes you made during KCWC – I’m impressed and slightly in awe:)

    1. Thank you, Lucinda!
      It was a great week (love KCWC – so much inspiration going on)!
      Of course, sewing challenges are always too much fun!
      Unfortunately, I’ve been less productive ever since – back to my usual “sewing pace” – 1/2 pieces per week 🙂

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