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On collecting Liberty

After KCWC Spring 2012, sewing plans have not stopped around here and I’m finding myself with a renew motivation  for embracing some “almost forgotten” projects.

If you follow me on Flickr you are probably already well-acquainted with my love for Liberty.

What I haven’t shown so far is my Liberty stash.

Just in case you wonder, IT IS possible to collect liberty fabrics.

And mine is a very small collection (considering all the gorgeous liberty prints available …).

I’m not lying if I say I could spend hours looking at all the gorgeous prints and colors and feeling the soft touch of Tana Lawn.

Liberty makes me happy.

I have some of the prints in various color ways.

Usually I’m not to keen on seasonal prints, but every season I tried to grab a new print (even if it’s from their much-loved classic Tana Lawn collection).

Every now and then I use a print to sew a dress for my little girl (here, here and here).

As a “liberty collector” (lol) this is obviously a difficult moment for me. One should not use liberty lightly 🙂

I pick both the pattern and the print very carefully (and always measure twice before cutting).


But last Christmas the plans for my liberty stash were suddenly revised.

I got the new Liberty book and was inspired.

Suddenly, I have a new project to look forward and I just know my Liberty will be out of the cupboard and put to use very soon.

That’s a promise!


Ana Sofia

PS. In case you wish to know (I know my husband would), I’m a very sensitive Liberty buyer. Most of my liberty comes from eBay auctions (lots of luck and patience involved in the process) and from Shaukat (online Liberty outlet).

2 thoughts on “On collecting Liberty

    1. Thank you for the hint, Katy!
      I didn’t knew that online shop. Just took a look at their website and the selection looks quite nice (shipping prices also seem a bit cheaper than Shaukat, so probably I’ll be taking a closer look soon).
      You migh just have found a new favorite 😉

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