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Something old, something new …

Life has been busy at the moment (as usual) yet I know I should be glad because a busy life means a life that has been throughly lived and I wouldn’t want it any other way šŸ™‚

Yet, the drawback is that sewing time is once again greatly reduced…

Nevertheless, and while we’re still waiting for sunnier, brighter days, I took some time to rescue an old favorite: The Mallory dress (from Children’s Corner). I’ve been in love with this pattern for quite a long time.

I love the fact that it’s fully lined and perfect for toddler wear (allows lots of movement and it’sĀ lengthĀ is also perfect for modesty).

This pattern is great for winter dresses. I’ve made a few versions using corduroy and wool and I’m guessing it would also look gorgeous in denim or in a soft velvet (a navy or red velvet version may, or may not, be already on my sewing list for Christmas):

Ā  Ā Ā Ā  Ā Ā 

(yes, I know. Fall season is perfect for softer hues. And, as usual, I overdid it)

Of course, this dress has also been a staple in her summer wardrobe (looks great with and without a t-shirt/blouseĀ beneath) . The pattern works very well in summer months if you use a cottonĀ lawn,Ā batiste orĀ voileĀ for theĀ lining (the lining gives the skirt a nice flare – always a must with my little girl):

It’s awfully cute, when worn (check itĀ here) and it’s really so easy to sew.

I can’t believe that the first Mallory I sew was a size 1 and now I’m already sewing a size 5.

And I still love the way it looks on her – girly and feminine.

Ā  Ā Ā 

The fabric does not photograph very well, but it’s a soft floral twill from fabric finders (it’s not as pink as it may look. I just didn’t have red rickrack in my stash and theĀ chosenĀ pink rickrack makes the pinks in the print pop a bit more).

This pattern goes to size 8 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that she will still be willing to wear mummy’s handmade dresses when she’s 8 (!).

Now, onto something new…

This week, I started to test a new pattern (I always run a trial test on most patterns to check sizing and fitting. The only exception are Oliver+S patterns, because I always manage to get them right the first time. Always!)

I’m hoping to sew a version using some of the new fabric lines that will be released soon, but so far the testing is almost completed (still in need of buttons).

This pattern calls for quite a lot of fabric (I used almost a yard of a wider length fabric from fabric finders), and, of course, “someone” had to pick a pink (too pink, in my humble opinion) fabric.

Oh well, at least it’s pretty and will definetly get a lot of wear:

Now I’m off to find “something borrowed and something blue…”

(and some buttons, too).

Happy sewing, Ana Sofia

7 thoughts on “Something old, something new …

  1. How happy I was to see a link to YOUR BLOG under one of your pics in flickr. I went there specifically to see what ASM Blue was up to. I’ve been spending less time on flickr these days (blame it on Pinterest), and I wanted to see what lovely sewing you have been doing for your daughter. I’m now subscribed to your blog and your feed is in my favourites folder.

    I pulled out some Citronille patterns and Liberty fabrics last night. Adelaide needs a few new tops for winter. I had a fail with a white frill collared shirt yesterday. The neck opening is too low and wide – looks all wrong. The trials of pattern making.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Kristine!
      I’m a huge fan (and follower) of your creations!
      Honestly, everything you create is so beautiful and timeless.
      Your little girl (and boys, of course) are really lucky to have such a talented mother.

      One can tell that you have an extensive knowledge on fibers and pattern making.
      It’s not always easy to match fabrics and patterns in order to create a beautiful garment that will be cherish for a long time. And yet, you always achieve to do just that. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Just found your blog and I love it. i wish I had more time to write but I have a two year old (boy) and a one year old (girl). I am trying to feed them right now but I can’t stop looking at your blog. I am so inspired and look forward to continuing to go through your archives.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Christine! (I’m so glad my blog found you!)
      My younger kids are also very close (15 months apart) and although they’re lovely, they really get me tired at the end of the day šŸ™‚
      Your comment just made my “night”. Thank you so much šŸ™‚

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