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Show me your stash

Time really does fly!

Between work assignments (including a 3-day trip to Sheffield, with lots of rain involved), school work with T (final exams coming soon) and a quick trip to the beach with Miss M and G, the week went pretty fast 😉

Yet, I still managed to squeeze in a quick photo session with my beloved fabric stash.

The motto was given (again) by Concha from Saídos da Concha.

To celebrate the launch of Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection there’s a contest running! (show here your stash by May 15th).

Not that we needed an excuse for showing off our fabrics 🙂

The photos were taken by my husband who promply volunteer for the occasion (note: I’m not the type of person that loves to appear on pictures, so this was an unique moment).

I keep my fabrics in a closed cupboard (I know, shame on me) so I needed to take the fabrics out of the cupboard in order to get a proper picture (most of the fabrics shown are 1-yard cuts or more. The smaller bits were left in the cupboard).
The funny (lol) part was that I always assumed I have too much fabric (although as everyone knows there’s not such thing as “too many fabrics!”) but in the end it all come down to 6 piles of fabrics.

See, not too much! (notice the lack of plaids and boy’s prints)


(just ignore the “sleepy eyes”. That’s my current look; tired and sleep deprived, lol)

Of course, my favorite quote of the day was:

Honey, I don’t think you have enough fabric. You should get more!” (yes, I’m quoting my husband!)

I hope he was not joking, because I’m already planning on adding (a lot) more to my stash.



Ana Sofia

6 thoughts on “Show me your stash

  1. All those dainty florals are so beautiful! What type of fabric are you planning on adding to your stash?

    1. Thank you, Cindy!
      We’re now heading for summer (well, it’s here already, but I’m still working on it) and I’ll need to find nice plaid prints (perfect for sundresses and shorts for my boys) and garment-suitable fabrics for skirts, shorts and jumpers, like chambray, light denim and twill.
      And, of course, I will need to add winter fabrics in a couple of months – wool and cords.
      xo, Ana Sofia

    1. Thanks Nicole!
      I do believe we’re truly soul mates! (Isn’t wonderful when our husband is also our best supporter?)

    1. lol
      Indeed, he was 🙂
      He loves the fact that I can sew (you do save quite a lot when you sew for your own children).

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