Sewing for Miss M

Honeycomb smocking

This week I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone (sewing-wise, of course)…


Both the fabric and the pattern have been on my stash for quite a long time.

I used the Miss Violet pattern from The Handmade Dress (pdf version) as a guide and a multi dots print from the Sweet Nothings line from Riley Blake (love the colors and yet I never managed to cut it – too bold? not enough blue/pink hues?)

Miss Violet is a simple peasant blouse or dress (I choose the blouse version) with an option for adding a honeycomb smocking.

Honestly, I bought the pattern (during a sale) just because of the honeycomb smocking. It looked like something I could venture on my own.

And it really was that simple. I was impressed with the outcome (even if I can spot lots of errors in my “smocking”).

Overall, it looks pretty and I’m glad I still have (lots of ) room for improvement.

I’m really looking forward to add a bit of smocking in my sewing projects.

Regarding the blouse pattern, I think  the sleeves look a bit too poufy for my taste (and the pattern sizing was also a bit on the smaller size).

Yet, I must add that the pattern instructions are really detailed and well-written (these patterns are intended with the beginner sewer in mind so no buttonholes or zippers to deal with).

I did, however, follow Samantha’s online tutorial for the honeycomb smoking and found it very useful (I’m a visual sewer, after all).

Of course, now I just need to convince the intended recipient that this blouse is really cute and “fit for a princess”.

Because, to be honest, I already have plans for taking my “brand-new” smocking skills to a new level!

(Just bought a beautiful blue chambray that is begging to be smocked …)

xo, Ana Sofia

9 thoughts on “Honeycomb smocking

  1. You did a beautiful job! Yes, this fabric is different for you, a little bolder than your demure & dainty floral choices but……… I think it is a great fabric choice, still very feminine with the soft pastel shades and will look just lovely on your princess. I enjoyed seeing, you stepping out of your comfort zone 🙂 I love it!

    1. Thank you!
      To be honest I can’t wait either (I’m using a different pattern and keeping my fingers crossed it will look as good as this one)! I want to smock everything now 🙂

    1. Almost done!
      Just need to find some time to sew everything!
      As usual, too many things to sew, to little time. That’s obviously the story of my sewing life 🙂

  2. Just a bit of “honeycomb” smocking on the bodice of your girl’s peasant blouse is UNIQUE! I love the combination of large dots with tiny ones interspersed
    in 6 colors, red as well as pastels. A go-with-any color pants, jeans, leggings and skirts– so practical. Any photos of your daughter modeling it? Sarah Helen, Minneapolis

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