Out to Sea

My morning ritual (in “good mornings”) involves drinking a cup of tea in front of the computer before leaving the house.

It’s my (almost) quiet time as the kids are still getting ready for school (searching for toys or missing stuff that is always so important to share with their friends).

I only have about 5 minutes, of course, so I usually use the time wisely (lol) to check my blog updates on Google Reader (no time to send comments or check websites).

This morning, I literally squeeze in front of the computer. I’ve been waiting for the new Sarah Jane collection since I fell in love with her first fabric collection, Children at Play (her drawings really manage to capture the joys of childhood).

This morning, she presented her upcoming collectionย Out To Sea line. It’s SO CUTE.

Of course, the next minute I had 3 kids all jumping and pointing to the computer screen (“me first! me first!“).

But, can you blame them?

Mermaids, whales and pirates! Perfect for make-believe and incredible adventures.

There’s the most gorgeous line for boys featuring pirates, treasure hunts and ships. (I also think that this line would be also perfect for girls. I just happen to love blue, lol)

And for girls that really need pink (or coral), there are cute girl pirates and mermaids …

My initial plan was to use the fabric for clothing, but my kids had other ideas. They all (the 3 of them) need new quilts and pillows and everything you can imagine (adventure bags, anyone?)

Oh, dear!

At least, I know my (fabric) investment will be well-loved.

xo, Ana Sofia

4 thoughts on “Out to Sea

    1. She’s so right!
      My girl is totally in love with Cinderella, but even Cinderella can’t beat girl pirates!
      Of course, I couldn’t agree more. I need some for me as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I love her new line too… Except I am slightly heartbroken that New Zealand didn’t make the cut and was left off the map ๐Ÿ˜ฆ oh and Tasmania too! Love the whales the most! Will be keen to see how you use the prints ๐Ÿ™‚

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