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Guess what?

Despite not being a Facebook follower (I usually check it a few times per week in order to keep up with the latest news from my favorite designers and shops), this week I got the most unexpected notice…

A Papo d’Anjo stock-off sale was happening in a few days in a warehouse (close to my home !)


I did some serious rearranging of my schedule, put on a few hours of late work (the usual) and managed to visit the stock-off sale.

I was expecting to grab some gorgeous items to my kids (most of it was 80% off) and, to be honest, I did grab a few items (the garment selection was a bit limited, but all clothing was pretty luxurious. I was amazed by all the beautiful details).

For my little girl, an orange cashmere cardigan (I wish it was my size), brown velour ballerina flats (again, I wish they were my size), a blouse with pink ruffle trim and some cute underwear (more about the tartan bellow):

For the boys, I managed to score 3 gorgeous shirts, a navy polo (from Lacoste, not Papo d’Anjo), red leather moccasins (too cute) and a red cashmere ribbed scarf:

Obviously, I wished there were a few more items available but it was a very selected sale (as one would expect from this brand).

Yet, can you guess what was the best part?

They also had a fabric sale going on … (50% off)

And I was really happy I was limited by their “money only payments” rule, because I really overdid it:

How could I not?

Gorgeous corduroys and luxurious Scottish tartan fabrics (words and pictures don’t do justice to this fabric. Made me wish we were heading for fall instead of summer) …

Different weights of wool cashmere (pink, pink and more pink for my sweet girl)

The softest flannel, red and aqua crispy plaid poplin and a perfect twill (blue stripes):

I was a bit disappointed not to find any Liberty there, but all the fabrics were really worthwhile.

The fabric sale was mostly for professional buyers (stores and similar) and I felt very lucky because they were willing to cut my desired lengths (between 1 to 4 yards). Of course, I wish I could afford a full bolt (30 yards, average), but even at 50% off, these are expensive fabrics.

And did I mentioned that buttons and notions were also on sale (these were truly affordable: 1 Euro for a bag of 500/600 buttons and 50 cents for the trims)

I also managed to grab a few catalogues (most of them from 2008 and 2009) and I can’t wait to “study” them really closely (catalogues were free so I’m beating myself for not bringing more copies. I was too shy to ask for it).

So much inspiration …

Before I left, I had a small conversation with one of the sellers (fabric lovers always have so much in common) and she told me that in her opinion the key factors of Papo d’Anjo success was their timeless style, unparalleled workmanship of each garment and use of only top quality European fabrics.

When you combine these three factors, the final garment is bound to last for generations to come.

And I believe she was right – though probably that was also what lead to their closing.

xo, Ana Sofia

21 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Oh, Ana Sofia – what a wonderful score! Those fabrics look to die for, and I can only imagine how lovely they must be in real life – can’t wait to see what you create with them

    1. I’m totally in love!
      Currently, the wool cashmere is on display at our living room (warning: you really need to have sweet kids and a loving husband for this to work).
      I know I won’t be using it until september (at least), so I’m taking every opporunity to indulge my eyes (and hands)

    1. I still can’t believe it either.
      I raed it on Facebook two nights before and, of course, I needed to be selective (not enough budget). There was a warehouse full of fabrics from previous collections (the knits and jerseys were also gorgeous, but I know I don’t have your skills for sewing with knits).

  2. wow, what beautiful garments and that fabric should keep you busy sewing for awhile!! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Most of it will be use for fall/winter sewing (we’re heading for summer now), so I suppose it will still take a while before I can play with them.
      Nevertheless, I already started washing and ironing! (a girl needs to get ready, right?)

  3. That is the sort of sale that would make me wildly happy. Some seriously divine purchases there. I can’t wait to see what you create with that heavenly fabric.

    1. Thank you!
      I can totally imagine you there!
      There were so many gorgeous fabrics on sale – high quality european fabrics and beautiful laces – it was difficult to make a selection.

  4. Funny, “Score” was exactly the word I was going to use too! What beautiful things you bought…I think I love the red moccasins best, of all the RTW stuff. But each and every one of the fabrics is divine! I love looking through catalogues for inspiration too!

    1. Thank you!
      The red leather moccasins were a favorite around here as well (these will fit my younger boy and he loves them).
      I’ve been doing a lot of late-night catalogue reading lately! (loloking for inspiration).

  5. I seriously gasped out loud!! We love Papo d’Anjo, (though budget constraints limit our purchases!) and to have yards and yards of their gorgeous fabrics to play with would be a dream. I can not wait to see what beauties you create!

    1. I know that feeling! (I was seriously in heaven, when the lady told she could cut fabric for me – they were only selling it the fabric to shops. The price tags in the bolts were definitely out of my reach and do explain the high prices of their garments. Very expensive pieces of fabric).
      I never bought any Papo d’Anjo pieces before (I have had a love affair with their clothing for quite a while, but my budget is also limited when it comes to dressing 3 kids). And, to be honest, my husband took a look at the dresses and told me “these are just like the ones you do!” So, no dresses or skirts for me (I did buy the fabrics, of course).

  6. Que sorte!! E que inveja! Estou cheia de vontade de ver o que vai sair daí! Também tenho alguns catálogos antigos (quem me dera ter mais): são excelentes fontes de inspiração e os miúdos são todos tão giros!

    1. Foi sorte mesmo! Vi a mensagem no Facebook no dia anterior – para além de não saber se seria ou não possível trazer tecidos por não ser loja (claro que era o objectivo principal), só consegui mesmo passar na hora de almoço (dia de semana e com prazos de entrega para cumprir). Estes catálogos tb são antigos (o mais recente é de 2010) mas a roupa é super actual, mesmo a das colecções mais antigas (2008) e sim, é tudo lindo – crianças, cenários, …! Tenho pena de não ter trazido mais, mas para a próxima conto estar preparada!

  7. Oh my goodness you are so lucky! I heard about the sale but live in Boston and couldn’t get thre. Did you make anything? Do you know where the fabric was from? I am sure we would love to see photos.

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