Sewing for Miss M

Light sewing ….

A couple of weeks ago we planned a trip to a botanical garden close to our hometown.

The weather was not very cooperative and, despite been spring, it was cloudy and grey. So, summer clothes were not an option (yet)!

Miss M didn’t want to wear jeans (not really a surprise as she’s not very keen on wearing trousers) and all her “winter” skirts were a bit (ok, more than a bit) on the short side.

The night before, I pull off a light denim from my stash and sew her a quick O+S hopscotch skirt.

I did sew the pockets, but remove them afterwards as I decided to keep the skirt very simple.

I love the way this skirt fits her and contrary to most other skirt patterns looks really cute on her.

Of course, she wasn’t pleased as the pockets are crucial for saving “treasures” like stones, flowers, beads and sand (and yes, she would squeeze her pink kitty ball into the pockets as well).

The buttons are mop (bought from here a couple of weeks ago) and I’m using a size 5 for her now.

Where is my baby?! (I strongly believe growing up is harder on parents!)

Of course, I might just go back and sew the pockets again (feels like something is missing…)

We did have lots of fun at the park.

She run, run and run and still wasn’t tired when the day was over …

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    1. Thank you, Cindy!
      My current motto is just try to enjoy the moment and create lovely memories (for all of us to share) – I already know time really flies 🙂

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