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Summer clothes (Oliver +S patterns and a new manicure)

If I had to select my favorite sewing patterns, I would said Oliver+S.

Oliver+S patterns were the first commercial patterns I tried and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I get. Every time.

Liesl (the creative mind behind O+S) always puts together the best instructions (the kind that never let you down feeling that she’s sitting just besides you all the time), the cutest drawings (and paper dolls for grown-ups!) and the most appealing designs (covering everything your child may need, from bedtime to party time, including gorgeous coats and accessories).

It also helps that Oliver+S also features the best “customer” support (I have tried it before and they are truly 5-star) and you can also benefit from the O+S forums and the Flickr group (so supportive). If I’m ever without inspiration, I just take a look at all the amazing clothes on display and I’m back on track again 🙂

I become acquainted with Oliver+S patterns totally by luck.

While browsing the Internet, I found some gorgeous “handmade” clothes that, I quickly discovered, were made using Oliver+S patterns.

I had tried some sewing books before and wasn’t really convinced into buying some “expensive” paper patterns from a brand-new company (at the time Oliver+S free downloads weren’t yet available so a free trial was not an option).

I resist buying it, but the gorgeous clothes and positive feedback from other sewers literally sold me my first Oliver+S patterns: the Tea Party Sundress and the Puppet Show Tunic, Dress and Shorts.

After, my initial buy (which, btw I consider to be fully justified as Oliver+S are truly “sewing lessons”, where you always manage to learn a new skill), I’ve been collecting Oliver+S pattern ever since (a word of caution: You can get addicted to Oliver+S. Very quickly).

Yet now, it’s just so easy to pull off a couple of patterns from my cupboard and plan/sew a new wardrobe every season – I have just about every (garment) need covered – of course, I still have a wish-list of Oliver+S patterns (boys/girls dungarees, please) but I’m quite pleased with their current selection 🙂

I have several favorites (most of them, to be honest), some that have been used only a couple of times and some that I never got to use (but will. Soon).

The puppet show shorts are definitely my favorite shorts pattern (ever).

Ever since this pattern was released my little girl has been “living” in puppet shorts the entire summer months – I sew her a couple in different fabrics for mix and match with everything else in her closet.

This year, was no exception.

The short sewing season has just started …

(these khaki twill shorts are probably my favorite pair so far. I use French seams inside, so they look so neat inside. Love it).

Obviously, she really didn’t need another blouse, but I couldn’t resist sewing it (after all, the shorts were so quickly to sew)

I added a bit of “honeycomb smocking” to the Ice Cream blouse (another favorite Oliver + S pattern).

Of course, modelling the whole outfit was a challenge.

My little model decided she would do it in exchange of “red nails” (her best friend wore “red nails” to school last week and she has been asking for “red nails” ever since).

Can red nails be the new bribery?

21 thoughts on “Summer clothes (Oliver +S patterns and a new manicure)

  1. Such an adorable outfit:) I love Oliver +s patterns too! I really enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share with blogland!

    1. Thank you so much, Martha!
      I’m quite a “lazy” sewer at heart, so Oliver+S are perfect for me – late night sewer after a long working day.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my posts! I feel so honoured 🙂

  2. I love her outfit – great job. I love the smocked ice cream blouse and I have a question for you. How much width did you add for the smocking? Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Suzanne!
      This was my first attempt smocking this pattern (after a first trial with this one) and I assumed that since the front already had some width (gathers) I wouldn’t need too much additional width – added 2 inches and I’m quite pleased with the outcome (the blouse pattern is a size 5).

  3. This is adorable! Would you be interested in telling us a little about your process in a guest post for our customizing series? I’d love to feature you. It doesn’t need to be a full tutorial–just a simple explanation of what you changed or how you went about it would be great.

    Thanks for all your kind words, too. It’s so nice to hear that you like what we do.


    1. Thank you, Liesl!
      I feel so very flattered by your proposition. I’m sending you an email with some details 🙂
      Oliver+S patterns are really impressive!
      I rely so much on other sewers feedback when I’m considering buying a new product (pattern, fabric, equipment or notions), especially if it’s a bit more expensive than its counterparts.
      I can’t praise Oliver+S patterns enough – they are the main reason why I sew so much for my kids nowadays (after a couple of failed attempts with other patterns)!
      Can’t wait for your next venture as well 😉

  4. What an adorable outfit! I have really loved the Oliver and S patterns that I have used too. I love the “classic” look of the clothes. And I use nail polish as bribery for all sorts of things!

    1. Thank you! I also love the way you can mix’n’match Oliver and S patterns – It makes planning a wardrobe so much simpler 🙂
      Glad to know I’m not alone. Yet, I’m kind of hoping she falls for the nude nail colors I usually wear. Her current favorites are red, yellow and blue (perfect, right?).

  5. What a beautiful outfit! The puppet show shorts are my favorite, too… I will be sad when C outgrows the size range. I love these, they look so summery. And the ice cream top is so much fun with all of those pink swirls. Lucky little girl! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Robin!
      This will be my last season with the puppet show shorts – I’m already sewing size 5 for her 😦
      Keeping my fingers crossed for finding a great option before next summer arrives (I love the cuteness of the puppet show shorts, so much …)

  6. I am sewing up an Oliver and S pattern tonight so I did a quick google search and this blog post came up. You did a great job! I loved the fabrics you used too.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to send me a comment!
      I’m a bit behind with my comments, but it’s so lovely to get feedback 🙂
      (I wish I could be sewing Oliver+S tonight. One of my favorite ways of ending a day)

  7. These are so adorable. One thing I love about handmade clothes is that they are one of a kind. The other thing that you get with handmade clothes is that typically you can see a much higher quality of workmanship in the clothing. Again, I absolutely love this outfit, especially the shorts.

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie!
      I do agree with you, handmade clothes usually are better crafted and the fabrics are tipically better, which often makes an higher quality garment (attention to detail is also much better and, of course, each garment is unique). Thank you for sharing your link. These look gorgeous as well 🙂

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