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Sewing rules (breaking off)

Last week, I come across a new company – Papillon & Mandarine (not that I was looking for more patterns) with a gorgeous skirt pattern that I reckoned it would be perfect for putting my (endless) scraps of fabric into good use.

The pattern arrived promptly and I was so eager to try this pattern, that I start cutting the fabric the minute I got a few minutes on my own (late, very late at night).

Not the smartest move, right?

As expected, I ended up breaking the most basic Sewing Rules during my cutting session (Note: Sewing Rules stated are based on my experience alone. Nonetheless, I still find them very useful and resource to them often).

Rule of sewing nº 1 “Always measure your child and when in doubt size up“.

I broke this rule before even cutting the pattern.

The measurements put my girl between size 4 and size 6. I choose to cut a size 4 (blame it on being very very sleepy),

and then, I fearless broke Sewing Rule nº2 (almost as important as nº1): “Measure twice, cut once” and Sewing Rule nº3 “Always read throughly the pattern instructions before cutting“.

I’m fully aware that most European patterns require you to add seam allowances to the pattern (before cutting).

I’m well acquainted with this practice and have done it before countless times (Ottobre and Burda). This information was also clearly written in the pattern instructions (and marked in the pattern pieces).

Yet, I managed to cut all pattern pieces without adding seam allowances.

Not the smartest sewing moves – I realized my mistakes only when I started the actual sewing (too late, of course).

I decided to sew the skirt, nonetheless (fabric was already cut and Liberty should always be cut wisely – even Liberty scraps) and, despite not having lots of room to grow, the outcome was adorable!

I knew I would love the pleats and the cute bow is just perfect (in my opinion).

She volunteer to try the skirt (didn’t want to take it off, afterwards) and I love the fit on her – already picturing a couple of white tops that need to go into my sewing list (she’s wearing a store-bought t-shirt and I reckon this could be easily duplicated with the right pattern – Ottobre has a few that would be perfect for this).

I think she’s, slowly, building a love for bows and blue (yeah!).

Btw, I also got the Little Angel blouse and can’t wait to try it as well.

I just need to get a good night sleep in the meantime.

xo, Ana Sofia

14 thoughts on “Sewing rules (breaking off)

    1. I know what you mean!
      I’m trying not to add more patterns to my stash and yet… Totally hopeless (In my defense, I must add that pleats and bows are really adorable together. Hard to resist!)

  1. It came out great in spite of your troubles. I think sewing rule number one should be to not sew when you’re tired. I always end up regretting it.

    1. Thank you, Katie!
      I strongly support your rule as sewing rule number one, as well.
      (Unfortunately) most of my sewing is done when my kids go to bed (and after a 8/10 hours working day), so usually I’m often too tired before even starting to sew 🙂
      Just for the record, due to my late night sewing sessions I’ve grown very close to my seam ripper.

  2. Not bad for an indecent late night sewing session. It doesn´t seem small at all, but I hope it lasts throughout summer at least.
    I love the print and the skirt is absolutely lovely!
    Thanks for introducing me to a new pattern brand, you´re recommendations are always trusted and welcome here at la inglesita.

    1. ¡Hola María!
      Thank you so much for your support!
      Unfortunately I don’t think this wrap skirt (with cute pleats and bow, just saying) will fit her for too long – the “wrap” is almost non-happening, already!
      I do love it though – the print fabric is a Liberty poplin that I bought a couple of years ago at their London shop and I’ve used it for several projects so far (almost over now).
      Love your blog!
      You also introduce me to Espejito Espejito a while back – Beautiful Spanish clothes, but their instructions and sizes are really a nightmare (I know, I’ve been advised!)

    1. Obrigada, Ana!
      Ficou mesmo “pequenina” (principalmente na cintura, pois ela ainda tem “barriguinha de bebé”), mas vai dar para usar durante algum tempinho!
      E serviu para testar o molde 🙂

  3. I briefly checked out their website….I think I’m in trouble! The skirt is lovely and blue looks really pretty on her.:)

    1. I know, I know Cindy!
      I should forbid myself of checking more websites (I’m starting to think I have too much free time, after all). And, I’m really trying not to purchase more patterns (maybe I need to add a post-it to my computer screen, lol)

  4. oh that turned out so beautiful! and I”m glad that despite forgetting the seam allowances, your daughter can still wear it. It’s so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Lucinda!
      She loves the skirt (perfect for dancing and twirls) so that makes everything a bit easier! I do need to make her a new one (with seams allowances added, lol) as this one will be short very very soon …

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