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Guest post: Oliver+S and Honeycomb smocking

If you follow my blog you mat have noticed my attempts on smocking: here and here.

I was a bit surprised (a lot flatered) when Liesl from Oliver+S asked if I would be willing to contribute with a short guest tutorial showing for the Customizing with Oliver + S series.

If you’re interested check my blog post here.

Thank you Oliver + S!

6 thoughts on “Guest post: Oliver+S and Honeycomb smocking

  1. That’s so cool! Congratulations. Your shirt is beautiful, and I just bought that pattern. I’ll have to give it a try.

    1. Thank you, Katie! I also love your ice cream dress so much (perfect colors).
      Your sewing is always so impressive and inspiring (love the way you master japanese sewing books!)

  2. I´m so happy for you! I´m a huge fan of your perfect and detailing sewing so well done!
    It´s an idea I haven´t tried yet but I really like it as a top for a plain fabric. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I´ll link to your tutorial in pinterest if that´s OK with you.

    1. Thank you, María! I’m utterly flattered by your comments and would love to see your ideas – I’m always so inspired by what you sew (and yes, of course you can link the tutorial in pinterest)!!

    1. Thank you so much Robin!
      Can’t say no to Liesl, can you? (it was the most amazing email I got so far. Read it several times aloud for my husband – I’m sure he didn’t get it, but tried to be nice)

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