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It’s been busy around here (yes, again…)

A bit of summer sewing (which I hope to post as soon as a “girl” I know gets in the mood for a short photo session, lol)

Yet, in the meantime I’ve been looking forward for the upcoming (mid-July) release of a much expected line: Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics! This range will be quilt-weight cotton and a bit more affordable than their main line (which are great news for us, fabric addicts, lol).

The buzz has been going on since their debut at the International Quilt Market in Kansas last May (blogs, Flickr, everyone was talking about it literally) and of course, I really can’t wait to get my hand on some of the gorgeous prints (already making a small saving just in case).

Nevertheless, and based on their internet page I’ve already picked up some favorites (And believe me it was difficult to pick just a few) …





I have a feeling that my stash is about to grow (quite a bit).

Oh, at least it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead/dream aloud 🙂

Enjoy, Ana Sofia

3 thoughts on “Liberty Lifestyle

  1. Yes, these are going to be hard to resist aren’t they? I’m looking forward to seeing what you will make with them. I love that first one a lot. My Miss A looks good in stronger colours so i’ll be tracking that one down I’m sure.

    1. The first two are my favorites!
      I will be travelling to London in early fall, so I am so looking forward to see the full collection in person. The colors do look amazing and perfect for garments (can’t wait to see what you sew to Miss A. I know it will be as lovely as usual)

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