Sewing for Miss M

Finished :)

I started this blouse several weeks ago…

I had the smocking done before Liesl asked for a contribution for the “Customizing with Oliver + S” series but somehow it took me quite a while to find sewing time to complete the blouse.

Of course, when you sew with Liberty it’s almost okay to have pieces of fabric around the family room (true! I don’t have a separate sewing space so I just take over whatever it’s available) around just for you to see, touch and admire… (caution: not all family members feel the same about this. And some might even feel tempted to use the unfinished garment as doll blanket).

Finally last week, I managed to finish the blouse (and yes, it was already worn for a lunch dating and some playground playing) and I’m in love (btw, one of the best part of sewing clothes to your kids is that you can easily fall in love with what you sew) ….

I paired the blouse with the Puppet Show shorts sewn a couple of weeks ago.

I love the simplicity of Oliver+S Ice Cream blouse and the fact that it’s so easy to make this pattern unique (just check these beautiful versions here and here).

Of course, I couldn’t get any proper picture of the blouse being worn by my sweet girl (outside pictures are trickier as she’s always on the run), but I know I will.

Because, you see I know this summer will be worn a lot this summer.

After all, I’m still the one picking her clothes in the morning – well, sort of – she’s starting “beach season” soon and I don’t really think Liberty should be worn to the beach side – too much sand …

Enough selfish sewing for the moment.

Next on my sewing list a couple of basic shorts, sundresses and sleeveless tops (everything is already cut) …

Take care,

Ana Sofia

5 thoughts on “Finished :)

  1. LOVE this! I really need to make this pattern! It just moved up my stash busting list. I always feel so extravagant using liberty prints for everyday garments, but then it is so nice to get to see them worn more often than a “special occasion” garment.

    1. I know what you mean! Early this season, I decided that I wouldn’t be using any more Liberty on her (she’s growing really fast now). Yet, I reckon it’s better now as the yardage needed is still limited. Of course, all of her clothes get quite a bit of wear around here – Liberty is only off-limits to the beach. And yes, I love to see Liberty clothes being worn – even if noone else has a clue about it.

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