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Sewing update

Around here, summer has finally arrived … a bit late and slower than usual, with some showers (!) followed by some very very hot days.

School is over and the children are now enjoying their summer break – beach, fun and lots of playing.

So, I needed to add a few “summer” clothes to Miss M’s wardrobe: easy, bright and coordinated pieces, that are perfect for hot summer days but that will also get a lot of wear paired with a cardi when the weather is a bit cooler.

This fabric has been on my list for quite a while, but somehow I assumed it would be just “too busy” for my girl.

I decided to give it a go after seeing these gorgeous shorts done by a sewing friend.

I used the Callie pattern (from Children’s Corner) which is a great pattern for making a cute sundress. I had already tested it before (here and here) and love every version I made. So, a 3rd version was in needed, right?

I think it looks cute on her.

And, yes, she loves it! (lots of bright colors, sailboats and rick-rack).

She’s wearing it with one of the few t-shirts I bought her this year (most of her wardrobe is handmade) – I can’t resist ruffles 🙂

Let her introduce you, baby Louise (she loves babies. My sweet baby girl!)

Next,  a couple of Oliver +S Puppet Show shorts (1 denim and 1 blue chambray) and a Apolline top (from Citronille, which by the way is now offering a few of their patterns in English) with bright pink dots (I swear, summer sewing always brings the “pink” in me, lol).

And here’s baby Louise#2 (all her baby dolls are named Louise. Don’t ask. I reckon, she just loves the name).

Oh, the joys of summer sewing: fast, easy and fun.

Finally, I just managed to finish a cute Badminton Top (from Oliver+S) and can’t wait to share some pictures with you – she wore it all day, so I suppose she loved it!

Right now, the grown-ups still have a lot to do before the official start of “our” summer holidays, but soon we’ll all be enjoying the summer …

Take care,
Ana Sofia

17 thoughts on “Sewing update

  1. Beautiful sewing as always. The ruffled tee goes so well with the little sundress you made – they look like they were made for each other! I’m very jealous of your summer sewing – it’s the middle of winter here and I can’t wait for the long, sunny days to come back again.

    1. Thank you Mellita!
      The store where I bought the tee also had a matching jumper (pink and blue stripes), but I think this one is better 😉
      We’re mid-way through summer and I still have so much on my list.
      And I can wait to start fall sewing this year (I managed to score some great winter fabrics from a stock-off sale a couple of weeks ago) 🙂

    1. Thank you Erin!
      I’ll update the info in the blog, sorry! (too busy right now, so lots of info is missing)
      The fabric is a twill from Fabric Finders (I got it from It has a beuatiful drape and 60” wide – perfect for matching brother and sister clothes (of course, I couldn’t persuade my boy that this print would be perfect for him. Go figure!)

    1. Thank you!
      The pink polka dot apolline almost didn’t happen! I had second thoughs because it was a bit too “pinky” for me. Yet, I love it! Looks perfect with her skin tone and the classic lines of the pattern really balance the “pink overload”!

    1. Hi Stacy,
      I went to their website looking for the apolline link and found the info on the new patterns in English (here:
      The information (on the website) is still in french (Patrons couture en anglais / Sewing patterns in English) and not all patterns are listed here (maybe they are starting with the most popular ones?), but I’ll be keeping an eye on this link (I can read french, but as I’ve learned to sew with englihs instructions, english is my fav “sewing language”)

    1. Thank you, Nicole! She IS growing a bit too fast for my taste (sometimes I wish time could slow down a bit. I know I’ll miss these moments …)

  2. So now, you are sewing French patterns! I started sewing with these patterns (be careful to read positive reviews when you buy one, some of them have huge sizing problems). Appoline is a great top, I love it and your pink version is adorable.
    Next step for you will be to buy C’est dimanche patterns! (I can help you with translation :))

    1. Thank you for the offer! (luckily, and mainly due to work reasons, I have no issues with French).
      Apolline was the first Citronille pattern I’ve tried (love at first sight). Love the timeless designs of French pattern companies (although they lack the marketing of US pattern companies and sometimes I wish instructions could be a bit further detailed)
      I have a few C’est Dimanche patterns on my wishing/buying list (Love their sense of style as well, a bit bolder than Citronille). Of course, I do love your versions 🙂

  3. Thank you so much from Children’s Corner for featuring our Callie pattern. We are so glad that you like it and the way it fits you little girl. Let us know if you need anything. We look you critiquing our patterns. Lezette Thomason

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      I love sewing with your patterns – the designs are timeless, classic and age-appropriate.
      I made her a long-sleeve Ruthie dress (using Liberty cord) for Halloween. I’ll try to post about it here soon.

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