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Baking (!) and a plaid dress

It’s been really hot around here!

Yet, my kid’s love affair with baking is far from ending!

Especially in those days when it’s almost impossible to be in the kitchen – or near the oven, for that matter, and baking can’t become a “painful” activity – yet, my “little chefs” still manage to keep their motivation high!

The only thing they dislike is waiting for the muffins to come out of the oven – of course!

Did you remember how I mentioned that this dress was a bit too babyish for my girl?

Of course, I needed to have a plan B (dress).

Because the selected pattern was rather easy and quick to put together,  I managed to sew another one just the night before the christening (I skipped the sleeves, made a small alteration to the sash and a “minor mistake” when making the back buttonholes):

This red and navy plaid version (from Fabric Finders here and white pique from a local shop) also makes a classic look (my favorites), yet the dress is “simple” enough to be worn afterwards almost everywhere.

She did wore by the end of the party – after the initial blue toile dress was literally “mud-covered” from too much playing (yes, I know, making a white dress for a toddler, when you know there will be lots of sand and dirt involved. Seriously, what was I thinking ?!)

I apologize for the lack of ironing on the above pictures (these were taken after we got home from the party and a very “quick ironing”).

I’ll try to update this post with some model pictures (soon).


Ana Sofia