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Summer breeze

My summer sewing is now almost done.

Late as usual, but despite the official calendar, there will still be many hot summer days until the end of october/mid-november. So, my late summer sewing is not totally lost.

I’ve accomplished a significant part of what I’ve planned and I’m pretty sure my girl has enough dresses and tops to get her through the season and well into fall (most blouses and tops would look adorable underneath a cosy cardigan).

When I started to sew for my kids, on a regular basis, my goal was always to be able to sew their wardrobe. While, I’m too far from achieving this with my boys (mostly my fault, as I do love sewing girly stuff), most of my girl’s wardrobe is now handmade (I still buy her a ocassional piece, often on sale).

Of course, my fabric and pattern stash has also been increasing and sometimes, a girl needs to get busy…

I bought the Rose (Children’s Corner) pattern on a sale a couple of months ago and I intended to sew a winter dress (long sleeves in cord), but never managed to find the time to do it (I always have issue with time management).

A couple of weeks ago, I went through my stash (looking for inspiration) and found a couple of prints from the Kumari Garden collection (Dena Designers) that were just begging to be used – initially intended for a quilt, that never managed to happen (as well).

I knew, it was time for a bit of pattern+fabric detash…

I used a size 5T for my girl (she’s 4 1/2) and the fitting was perfect on the chest and sleeves. The length was well bellow the knee (I prefer it just above the knee) and my girl found this to be a perfect (it appears that this is the most suitable length for princess dresses, lol). I’ll leave it like that for the moment, but will probably raise the hem a few inches.

Instead of the piping (requested in the pattern) I decided to use lace for the neck yoke and in the sleeves (also from my stash) and love the outcome (sweet). Again, a style mod approved by Miss M.

This dress yoke would be perfect for embroidery or a similar sort of embellishment. Yet, as my embroidery skills didn’t quite fit the bill, I added two cute green/blue buttons from my button jar.

Despite all the blue and green going on there, Miss M loved it! (she calls it her “princess dress” because it’s a bit longer than my usual dresses and it features lace).

She loves wearing it with sneakers and her pink tiara (sorry, no model picture so far). She seems to be growing into a very unique dressing style – one where nothing matches and a tiara seems to go with everything.

This is not my usual choice of print (bolder and bigger), but the colors are so beautiful and vivid that I couldn’t resist getting several prints from this collection (hence, the initial quilt plan).

Of course, living close to the ocean I couldn’t help but loving these gorgeous hues!

I called it, a bit of summer breeze …


Ana Sofia

8 thoughts on “Summer breeze

  1. Beautiful. I love the lace. I bet your embroidery is really good too. You are so talented.

    1. Thank you Gina!
      I’m glad I add the lace – love the sort of vintage touch it gives to the dress!
      The buttons were really a lucky find – last 2 from my collection (need to find some more) 🙂

  2. This is so sweet! The lace is adorable! Grace spends her days playing princess in one of those tacky disney dresses and her cowboy boots. So, I get it. I have this pattern in the smaller size and am ashamed to say I never got around to it. I keep looking at the 4 and thinking maybe I’ll make it anyway and give it away if it doesn’t fit.

    1. Thank you MC!
      I get inspired from so many of your CC creations! (to be honest, I often check back on your flickr account to see if there’s a version there before I start mine)
      You have inspired me to sew more CC patterns (and my CC cllection keeps growing! So glad for online sales)
      I’m kind of loving her new style! She carries her tiara almost everywhere (she even takes it to school), loves to paint her nails but still loves sports and bodyboarding – I bet these girls will redefine “modern princesses” one day. Just wait and we’ll see 🙂

  3. This pattern is adorable! I bet it would make a great “princes” nighty with a little more length and some softer cotton. I am knee deep in sewing for my little nieces (5 and younger). We are in the horse phase right now!

    1. Thanks for the tip!
      I have to admit I still love princess nightgowns, so I’ll definitely give this a try (a soft floral flannel for fall, looks perfect to me)!
      Ah, the horse phase (I’ll get there soon)!

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