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Late summer sewing

This post was started a couple of weeks ago, before we left for our annual summer holidays.

Now, that the holidays are almost ending, I’m able to finally post it.

I have cut the Family Reunion dress before, but wasn’t quite sure about the fit – Living close to the ocean, I always favour a bit more of coverage around the neckline.

Yet, I loved everything else in this pattern: the pintucks, the front placket, the stitched hem and the cute neckband.

Plus, it is also quite simple to sew – despite the pintucks (which I love to sew, but agree that could be a bit time-consuming), everything else comes together like a breeze.

So, after sewing a (another) pair of O+S Puppet shorts for my girl (she could live in those during the summertime) a matching top was needed (ok, not really, but I couldn’t help myself). I was, obviously, running out of “sewing time”, so i reached for a familiar (and tested) pattern.

I decided to give O+S Family Reunion blouse another try (I remember it was such a pleasure to sew it) and I wasn’t disappointed. I love it!

This time the fitting was perfect on my little girl (I had made the previous version a size larger for her) and I couldn’t be happier with my fabric choices – Modern Workskop by Liesl Gibson for the blouse and basic navy twill for the shorts (Note: I can’t take credit for the fabric choices as I was totally inspired by this outfit).

I intended to add buttons to the front placket, but couldn’t pick any from my jar. And now, I kind of like it like that.

So, I’m not sure if I will add them anymore.


Ana Sofia

11 thoughts on “Late summer sewing

    1. 🙂
      Thank you Nicole (love your fab five as well!)!
      She’s getting a big girl now (today she asked to go to a hairdresser with me, lol. Usually I’m the one doing/cutting her hair. Poor girl)

    1. lol
      These have been worn almost everyday this summer. We finally got her some new shoes (that she actually wears): white canvas with red cherries 🙂 She loves them

    1. Hi Caroline,
      My girl was lucky to model for the shoe brand catalog (and got a couple of shoes as “gift” directly from the supplier) – nevertheless, usually I buy them from a local shop (here’s the link to a Facebook page where you can find the same styles: unfortunately, I’m not located in the US so I’m not quite sure if it helps you 🙂

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