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More late summer sewing

Earlier this month I knew a “break-up” was coming: Me and my sewing machine were going to be apart for 3 weeks (yes, that long!).

The day before, I found a much-awaited parcel in my mailbox (fabric, what else?)

So, what did I in the wee hours before leaving for the beach?

I sew. For just about 3 hours and loving every minute of it (just in case you wonder, fabric was washed and ironed before sewing. I’m very disciplinated even when I’m rushing…)

You know, sometimes we fell in love with the colors, textures and shapes of a particular print. And sewing a simple dress is just what we need.

I selected the Frannie dress, from Children’s Corner (a favorite already tested several times) but left out the side ties and use elastic gathers instead (simple mod, as I was running out of time and a bit sleepy) and still loved the result. I did add piping to the collar as this makes a huge difference (and looks so cute).

Of course, these pictures were taken by my husband early in the morning as I was packing for the holidays…

The fabric is Song Bird Large Floral Pink from Riley Blake and the colors are just stunning – the pink and grey hues are amazing and the simple design of the dress allows them to be properly displayed.

I ordered this particular print for sewing the Oliver+S Croquet Dress, but as I had yet to tackle this pattern as I decided it was not a good option to test it in a rush. Not to worry, I already have other fabric combinations set aside for making the Croquet dress when I get back.

For the moment, we’re just savouring the sun – and yes, my girl wears dresses to the park (she’s in a “princess phase”, right now). You see, dresses have a lot of twirl and are perfect for making all the sports moves you need (her words).

Check it out:

The dress is a bit big on her (it’s a size 5 and I also added 3 inches to the lenght as this pattern runs a bit short), but I’m hoping it will still fit her next year.

I love the shape of this dress and the colors are just too gorgeous not to be enjoyed a bit longer (my husband calls it a Christmas dress due to the bold colors of the print, so maybe she could also wear it all-year, after all. Just dreaming…)

She’s having the time of her life …

And most times, she almost forgets there’s a camera around. Other times, she’s  quite aware of it (and shows it) …

And if you thought a 4-years old couldn’t take some time to enjoy the landscape. Well, better think again

Sweet summer delight …

xo, Ana Sofia

10 thoughts on “More late summer sewing

  1. It is just beautiful Ana Sofia! I love Riley Blake fabrics and this one seems perfect for the dress and for your daughter.

    1. Thank you Kathy! (love the comment coming from you . love everything you do)
      I have love the colors of every Riley Blake collection I bought (and the cotton is really soft too). I’m waiting for their The Simple Life collection soon – It looks so gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh, this dress is beautiful :):) love to see your creations:) you do such a wonderful job creating amazing projects!!!!

  3. oh it’s beautiful! especially love the piping in the collar. i’m pretty sure our daughters could be friends twirling in the park together. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristin!
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live closer?
      I’m sure they would have lots of fun! (there are only a few girls who can really appreciate a good twirling. That’s the first test for all handmade clothes around here)

  4. it’s stunning! love that print – I can imagine that it’s even better in “real life”. Hope your 3 week break from your machine is bearable!:)

    1. Thank you Lucinda!
      Just got back from the holidays but have yet to start sewing again. “Back to school” is not good for your sewing plans 🙂

  5. It’s beautiful Ana Sofia! The Peter pan collar is my favorite detail! And I love how the little basket of toys always peek in on your pictures. Its such a cute touch.

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