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On summer holiday

Summer holidays ended a couple of weeks ago, but it did took me a while to select a few pictures to share.

As usual, it was a great family time for all of us (we enjoyed it even more this year as the kids are getting older) yet we all know it’s time to get back into our routines.

We have been slowly adjusting and making new plans for the upcoming school/work year ahead of us.

We all know it’s going to be difficult (so many challenges ahead), but we are so full of good memories, sunsets and leisure days that we feel like we can truly conquer the world (or something similar, lol).

Although the weather is still (very) hot around here yet I know fall is coming (slowly, very slowly) and it will be great to look back at those pictures in a few months.

My sweet girl was always in a rush to get to the swimming pool (she even carried my basket when I was getting a bit slow. Great, right?)

Of course, I know I’ll miss this lovely vintage red and navy swimming suit (and so many others that she wore all summer).

And a cute/shy smile from my little boy who loved to climb everywhere (and looked so cool in white t-shirts. I don’t really mind the “play stains”. They were totally worth it).

And loved playing hide-and-seek in a secret garden (ruined his best shoes in the process, but I should have guess it before, right?).

And a bit of window shopping on a great vintage toy shop (late, very late well after bedtime).

And the most perfect fairytale castle glowing in the dark (full of princess gowns and amazing rooms). We visited it the next day and the kids were in awe with all the beauty (and the thought of a princess walking through the doors).

Yeah, summer holidays are great!

But school is just around the corner (just a couple of days, really) and I do hope this could be a great year for my children 🙂

As mothers we all have the highest expectations for them …


Ana Sofia

4 thoughts on “On summer holiday

  1. Beautiful pictures Ana Sofia!! I especially love the secret garden and the beach. The beach is our favorite place to go. I love, love, love your daughter’s vintage swimsuits; they ae adorable!!

    1. Thank you, Gina!
      I was raised near the ocean so the beach is my favorite spot (even during winter time). I’m so glad my children also share our (mine and my husband) love for the ocean. This year, she started to swimm on her own and couldn’t be happy on the water – I know we will miss going to the beach/swimming pool on a daily basis.
      I have a basket full of tiny vintage swimming suits (collected over the years). So glad, there’s someone to wear them now 🙂

    1. Thank you Tamara!
      The pictures were taken in different places (Portugal and Spain). We have over 10000 pictures taken (so glad for digital cameras) but, as usual, it’s not easy to get one where the three of them are looking to the camera.
      The beach photos were taken in Algarve (South of Portugal), G in the secret garden photo was taken in the Reales alcázares de Sevilla (Spain), Night palace and G seating in the stone stairs photos were taken at the Royal palace of Aranjuez (Spain), Children looking at the toy shop taken in the Marbella city center (Spain) and the picture of the three kids walking together was taken at the Warner Bros Studio Park near Madrid (Spain).

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