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KCWC Fall 2012 – The final countdown

To be honest, I had everything ready. For over one month, I had set aside fabrics and patterns for the KCWC Fall 2012. (more on these sewing patterns soon. A recent tip from a sewing friend) Yet, in the end there’s not much to show … I had a busy week (work and family always need… Continue reading KCWC Fall 2012 – The final countdown

Sewing for Miss M

I saw it coming …

Almost three years ago I decided to sew most of my daughter’s wardrobe. The main reasons were: 1) I was eager to learn more and this was a great way to practice, 2) sewing for a little girl is both fun and inexpensive (not too much fabric involved) and 3) I could sew her (or try) to clothes that… Continue reading I saw it coming …