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KCWC Fall 2012 – The final countdown

To be honest, I had everything ready.

For over one month, I had set aside fabrics and patterns for the KCWC Fall 2012.

(more on these sewing patterns soon. A recent tip from a sewing friend)

Yet, in the end there’s not much to show …

I had a busy week (work and family always need to come first) and most of my sewing plans weren’t meant to be.

My initial plan was to sew a basic fall wardrobe for my girl. You know, the basic pieces that will get her through the season and that make (my) mornings so much easier ♥.

I was hoping to sew pants, tees, tunics (love them), shorts and jumpers. I know, I know, I was asking for the moon!

Of course, I now have more time to work on them (I do love the pressure of sewing within a deadline, but I also love to have time to work on the details and coordination is important when you construct a basic wardrobe).

So, what did I accomplished …

Pants √

Oliver+S After School Pants (size 5) in medium weight denim. The pockets are lined with liberty fabric (some as the t-shirt bellow) but I was not allowed to take any close-up picture (I’ll try to post a couple later). These are still a bit large on my girl, but I do love the loose fit (and the fact that these will be worn for much longer). She, obviously, loves the fact that the front pockets are huge (and perfect for storing rocks).

Cute, right?

I did not add the back ruffles as the recipient was not very keen on those (and I didn’t want to risk these not been worn).

Basic White Tee (almost) √

Children’s Corner Mattie T-shirt with Liberty ruffle collar (also a size 5). Jeans and t-shirts are the only items (and sweats) I usually buy her. I’ve been looking for a good pattern for making basic t-shirts (with a good neck fit) and this looks like a good option – Ottobre also features a couple of good designs and I may give them a try as well.

Of course, these still need a few mods – it was a bit too large (but knits shrink quite a lot, right?). I’ll also be adding a few inches to the ruffle – and I do need to find good quality knits (not very expensive). Yet, overall I’m quite pleased with it. (just for the record, she said it looked like a pajama top, but she tried it on and it felt very comfy. I’m pretty confident she will wear it more).

worn with Oliver+S Puppet Show shorts (favorite summer short pattern. These will be her last pair. Next season she’ll be size 6 😦

love the liberty ruffle

and the lace sleeve hem.

Fall Shorts √

Clever Charlotte’s Finch Shorts (I did a size 4, but should have done a size 5 as these won’t be making the entire season). I’ve been meaning to sew these for quite a long time (but couldn’t justify the extra purchase). A couple of weeks ago, I took advantage of their pattern sale and couldn’t be more pleased. The pattern is really cute (looks adorable on, believe me!) and it will be perfect for fall with some tights underneath. Of course, she love these (the baby cord is very soft) but it was very late when I finished these so no modelling photos for the moment.

Don’t you love Fall sewing?

Ana Sofia

21 thoughts on “KCWC Fall 2012 – The final countdown

  1. Beautiful Ana Sofia. I love every piece.
    Don’t worry about the CC shorts, I made Missy Moo size 4 last year and they still fit this year. I’m devastated re the Puppet Show shorts too.

    1. Thank you, Peta (I’m a bit slow on commenting the comments, sorry)
      These have been getting quite a lot of use around here. Looks really cute on her (I’ve already sew her a new pair in olive corduroy – too cute as well).

  2. Everything is just gorgeous!! I am so inspired by your beautiful sewing. I am going to be putting tights under Sweet pea’s shorts this fall so we can get more wear out of them as well.

    1. Thank you Sharon!
      These look really great with tights – my girl really loves it – perfect for playing outside while keeping her legs warm!
      Sweet pea will look so cute (as usual, of course) )

  3. Such a nice finish on the shorts; they look store bought. I can not resist a liberty ruffle and the jeans are darling too! I always buy the basic jeans and tees too but have been wanting to try sewing with knits as it is something I haven’t done. Hope you have a good week!!

    1. Sewing with knits is much more challenging to me because I find it so difficult to buy proper knits where I live (and I find it also difficult to buy them online – I need to “feel” them…)
      It felt really good to be able to sew these pieces just before the cold began – these have been really well worn in the last couple of weeks. I am a bit behind my sewing list now 😦

    1. I finally grab a picture of her wearing these shorts – not the kind of picture I would like, but I suppose it will have to do 🙂
      Hope to post it soon!

  4. I might have to look into that ruffle shirt pattern. My older daughter is very into ruffles right now. She would love the lace sleeves too!

    And every piece is absolutely beautiful! I would love to see the shorts on with tights underneath! She will be so trendy!

    1. 🙂
      Trust me, I’m the one loving ruffles and lace right now – Thankfully she’s still ok with my choices (as long as she can still have fun and play as she wants).
      Yet, the shorts are a favorite of her as well – perfect for moving around and very trendy, indeed!

  5. I soooooo wish to get those EspejitoEspejito issues. Their styles are so classy. I’ve been eyeing them all summer long,but they don’t sell them everywhere. 😦 I can order them online, but the shipping to Houston costs more than the issues together. How has your experience been with these magazine patterns??

    1. I was lucky to get a couple during our summer break in Spain (the shop owner was glad to sell me some from the store sample, so I got quite a few :). Of course, I spend the summer flipping through the magazines and didn’t resist getting the last two issues (by post …). Shipping cost is really quite high, but somehow I managed to convince myself it was worth it 😦
      And, I have yet to sew something from the magazines I bought! Based on their guidelines and sizing issues (take a look at my post about it and/or check the post linked in it: I found it quite useful) I’m assuming these would be a great project for (after) the holidays 🙂
      I’ll keep you posted, nevertheless. Can’t wait to test them (and I know I will) 🙂

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