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Home (sweet home)

The last month (ok, the last 6 weeks) have been quite unusual around here. I’ve been travelling a lot (business-related) and family time was needed. I love my work (and I feel very blessed and grateful for it. Believe me, I never take it for granted. Especially in these tough moments) but I know I’m… Continue reading Home (sweet home)

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Updating: On layering and (more) French sewing

Lately, there’s been a lot of blogging in my head (about wardrobe planning, new fall fabrics and gorgeous new patterns). Yet, not much has been happening here 😦 Sewing has also been suffering. I’ve discovered that instead of becoming easier for me (as I get more sewing practice), it’s actually becoming harder to make sewing projects come to life –… Continue reading Updating: On layering and (more) French sewing