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Updating: On layering and (more) French sewing

Lately, there’s been a lot of blogging in my head (about wardrobe planning, new fall fabrics and gorgeous new patterns). Yet, not much has been happening here 😦

Sewing has also been suffering.

I’ve discovered that instead of becoming easier for me (as I get more sewing practice), it’s actually becoming harder to make sewing projects come to life – maybe that’s because my girl is growing (and my usual “late night sewing” is not good anymore), or maybe I’m now more anxious about the final product – so many gorgeous outfits, amazing inspiration and stunning sewing details – all are making me a bit more conscious about what I sew (and show here).

Further, my ideal sewing is when I managed to start and complete a project within a couple of days – projects that take more, usually end up in the “mending box”. I’m really that impatience.

Of course, and since most of my daughter’s clothes are sewn by me and I’ve been “delaying” her fall sewing, we’ve been “layering” quite a lot lately (luckily for me the weather has been cooperating …)

Above: Oliver +S basics/favorites (2-2 blouse in Liberty, Puppet show shorts in navy twill and floral Class picnic tunic with a store-bought ruffle blouse and denim pants)

Yet, last week, it begun to rain. Real rain, not just a few scattered showers followed by sunshine. and together with the rain, temperatures began to fall.

That’s when I knew I needed to get something done.

I had purchased two of the new Papillon & Mandarine patterns when they were released (planning) and decided to test them.

Fabrics were selected for quite a while – I have most of the fabrics and patterns for her fall/winter wardrobe selected and put aside since September – I like to plan a coordinating wardrobe as this makes it easier to mix and match (and of course, that way I don’t end up withe “lonely pieces” that won’t match anything else in their wardrobe).

Colombine tunic (using a Liberty print from my stash. Bought on a eBay auction) and Marlon skirt (deep red corduroy from a stock-off sale and a bit of Liberty for the lining):

The pictures don’t really make the garment any justice (it was already late and the colors were really hard to capture).

I just love the front/side bows on the tunic and the cute pleats on the skirt.

Both patterns were a pleasure to sew (the new patterns already have seam allowances, which is great, as in the past I’ve failed to add seam allowances at my first attempt sewing their patterns), but somehow I was quite surprised to see that my girl is already in size 8 (!) – usually most US and European patterns put her in size 5T or 6T (and trust me she’s not that “big”).

I will definitely be using these patterns more for her fall/winter wardrobe. I’ve already included a plaid version of the skirt and a liberty dress version of the tunic in my sewing list.

What’s on your sewing list, right now?

Ana Sofia


21 thoughts on “Updating: On layering and (more) French sewing

  1. I’ve been looking at the Papillon et Mandarine patterns – I emailed them and made sure they ship the the US….I just may have to buy some since I see your creations…..just beautiful! And, I just LOVE the suede shoes with the fringe; I swear I had a pair of these back long ago!

    1. I loved their Piccadilly skirt so much, that I couldn’t wait to try the new patterns. They have a perfect french appeal (to me) and they do look lovely – just enough details and timeless designs.
      The instructions are also pretty clear which makes them quite easy to follow (even for a non-native french speaker like me).
      The suede shoes are a must for school wear (and provide enough support for her feet. She needs a bit of correction) as they withstand almost everything (we don’t have too much cold or rain around here). I’m pretty sure I wore the same type when I was younger (minus the fringe. That’s a new, and much improved, version!).

  2. I have that issue with blogging; like I want it to look a certain way, and so I end up with a backlog because every post needs to be perfect. Bah. Need to just post stuff and get it blogged, you know? But omigosh that Liberty! Beautiful!

    1. Everything you post is just amazing, Kristin (truly breath taking)!
      Thank you for the advice. Blogging (and sewing) must be fun, right?
      Yet, sometimes, I would love to be able to embrace a more bolder and daring style (or at least, to blog about it 🙂 ).
      (the best thing about sewing with Liberty is that I have yet to regret anything I did with their prints – they are all so lovely! Of course, I need to keep these pieces for future generations, lol)

  3. Gorgeous outfit!! I personally think everything you sew is perfection…the colors, the fabrics, the patterns, and the actual sewing.:)

  4. Totally in love with the volume of this outfit! The colors of this Liberty are amaizing. They are warm and vivid at the same time.

    I also have the Colombine pattern on my sewing list! It will match the Oliver + S badminton skirts. I have a winter version in mind, even if it’s a summer pattern, don’t know how this idea came out 🙂

    Karine (the designer behind p&m, she is a friend of mine) warned me that it was really important to take the measurement for every models. For example, I have sewn the shorts Ella in size 6 for my 4.5 years-old and its perfect. But my youngest one is 26-months old and size 2 is still too large for her, with the Picadilly skirt.

    1. Thank you!
      I actually also think that Colombine would be a great match for Oliver + S badminton skirt. Colombine is a great tunic and really works great with skirts and shorts (I’m considering adding a collar to my next version)!
      I did take my measurements right for making these patterns (my girl is growing so much, these days): When I did the piccadilly skirt I failed to add the seams allowances (my fault) and I didn’t want to risk that again. For the tunic I used a size 6 (but a size 8 would be perfect as the sleeves are just right on her at the moment) and a size 8 for the skirt (with size 6 for the lenght, but again a size 8 would be much better). She’s taller (and fuller, lol) for her age-group to be honest and probably the “toddler belly” is still adding a few inches to her waistline – I’m quite petite so I’m always surprised when I check her measurements 🙂
      P&M designs are just too lovely to be missed and my only regret (considering the sizing) is that soon my girl would be out of their range. I love Karine’s timeless sense of style and flawless instructions (even for a non-native french speaker like me) and I couldn’t wait for the release of the new line – I bought these as soon as they were previewed in the blog! (Congrats Karine!!)

    1. I agree An – I love the skirt pattern as well! I just finished a plaid version and it looks so adorable on her (hoping to get some pictures during the weekend). The red cord look so much better in real life (not as bright. Just a perfect fall hue).

  5. I am so intrigued by that beautiful top! I am going to have to look it up. This whole outfit shouts ‘Christmas!’ to me. Your work is always stunning and well photographed. I don’t think you need to worry too much 😉

    1. Thank you Katy! I have to admit I do love the blouse (fits so nicely around her neck and it has a nice drape). I must not take credit for the pictures – my husband takes most of them. I’m currently working on the dress version of this blouse and I will try to post a picture of the instructions as well (easy to follow, but in French lol), during the weekend.

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