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Home (sweet home)

The last month (ok, the last 6 weeks) have been quite unusual around here.

I’ve been travelling a lot (business-related) and family time was needed.

I love my work (and I feel very blessed and grateful for it. Believe me, I never take it for granted. Especially in these tough moments) but I know I’m not fitted for been a frequent flight-traveler. Especially when the only things you manage to see from a new country are airports, hotel rooms and the meeting venues.

I get a lot of home sick and knowing my family feels the same makes my heart shrink a bit – I miss helping with the homework, bathing and bedtime rotines (and everything in between, to be honest).

This week, I’m working again at the office, updating on a number of school appointments with my kid’s teachers  (and getting ready for my first give-away. Stay-tune) …

I know I still have a lot of catch up to do (I’ll reply to all comments and mail messages I’ve received during the last weeks. They are all quite special to me) and a few pictures to post (sewing has been a bit put aside, but I do have a few pieces to show 🙂

I got a couple of questions asking more info on P&M patterns (current favorite combo features the Colombine tunic and Marlon skirt here).

Overall, I found P&M patterns a pleasure to sew (probably not suited for a beginner, but if you know the basics, you could give them a try), the instructions provided are detailed and quite clear (French, only) and there are a few pictures that will help you along the way. So far, I’ve tested 3 of their patterns and loved the results (even when a few mods where needed due to Miss M’s toddler belly, lol). I’ve finished a version of the Colombine dress which is now amongst my favorites.

Another sewing magazine that has been on my reading list lately is the spanish EspejitoEspejito (MirrorMirror, in English). Their latest issue  has become a close friend of mine during my flights (I have already translated into Portuguese most of the girl’s patterns feature in the issue and added my comments. I know, when you travel alone you’re bond to do strange things).

I have a few favorites, but as their instructions are quite scarce and their sizing is a bit awkward (for my size 4/6 girl, I would need a 24 months sizing) I’ve been postponing choosing a pattern to start sewing (can you guess which one Ill be choosing first?). (note: if you spot some brand new Liberty fabric here you can also guess one of the cities where I’ve been lately, lol).

If like me, you’re looking for some expert review before buying the magazine (investing would be more accurate as their shipping costs are quite high. The magazine price is quite affordable (5,50 Euros) as it features a lot of models and the sizes range from 0 up to 10 years-old – please note my remark on their sizing) please check here for a very useful review by Merche’s (in English and Spanish. Gracias, Merche).

I also have to add, that EspejitoEspejito style is currently more appealing to me than to my girl – I love bows, lace and trimmings and she’s now entering a tomb-boy stage (when it comes to clothes) so pants and shorts are most-requested at the moment.

Nevertheless, I’ll definitely give it a try: I love their (girly) designs and I do need to hurry before my girl starts to have a stronger opinion about what goes into her wardrobe.

I’ll be back soon,

Xo, Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “Home (sweet home)

    1. 🙂
      I suppose there’s a bit too much lace and ruffle (even for me), but they are so adorable (and would look so cute on her, right?).
      I just need to find some “time” to venture into it – hopefully it will be easier than I’m expecting … (I need to borrow your sewing skills)

    1. I had French classes in high-school 🙂 (lucky me, as the only sewing patterns written in Portuguese are from the Burda magazine, and to be honest I have a tough time trying to make sense of their instructions – mainly because I learn to sew from English and French blogs).
      The instructions are quite easy to follow (especially, because there’s some pictures to help you out). I reckon, if you have basic to intermediate sewing skills, you should be quite comfortable with these instructions (should you need, I would be happy to help you).

  1. Our local fabric store just got these French patterns in and they look divine, as do those Spanish ones. Thanks for sharing your finds!

    1. Thank you, Erin!
      The Colombine blouse and the Finch shorts are her favorite combo for school right now – perfect for jumping and running in the playground. (I’m hoping to finish the Peridot pants soon, as I’m sure these will also make a winning combination).

  2. You are welcome, Ana Sofia.
    I´ve seen some of your creations and I´m sure Espejito´s challenging issues won´t be a problem to you.

  3. I am sewing a Colombine for my daughter and I can’t wait to see her wearing it.
    And Karine is thinking about offering an English version of p&m patterns!

    1. I hoping to post my Colombine dress version later tonight (I was hoping to get better pictures, but I never managed to get proper light by the time I get home from work).
      I love the dress version (as the blouse) and she loves it as well (I’m assuming this, because she wants to wear it to bed, which is a good sign, right?)
      Great news about the English version of p&m patterns – I can read French, of course, but I’m pretty sure this will be a great for them (and many english-speaker sewers):)

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