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Beautiful Colombine

When, I sew a Colombine blouse a couple of weeks ago I immediately felt in love with the fit on my little girl.

The pattern (from p&m, in French) is quite easy to follow and I found myself imagining a dress version (also included in the pattern) right after this blouse was  finished.

I selected a piece of Latana Liberty from my stash (an eBay auction a couple of months ago, originally intended for Children’s Corner Ruthie) and I was quite happy to find it was just enough for making the dress version.

This dress has been finished for a couple of weeks now, but somehow this has proven to be the most tricky piece of garment to photograph to date (thank you R for your endless patience!).

The Liberty print used is quite busy (yet so perfect for a winter dress) making the pattern details look a bit lost.

You do have to trust me when I tell you that it looks much better in person …

Colombine dress#1

Colombine dress#2

Although I found the Colombine dress to be quite adorable on its own, my favorite styling is with a white ruffle blouse underneath. Isn’t it sweet?

Colombine dress#9

Colombine dress#7

I did tried to grab a few action shots of Miss M wearing the dress, but the results were (again) far from great 😦

(bad lighting at the end of the day and a very tired girl/mom made it even worst).

Yet, hopefully these will show you how lovely this dress is.

This dress is a size 6T on my 4 year-old girl. It fits perfectly and I could have chosen a bigger size because of her baby belly.

Nevertheless, I found the length to be perfect for a more formal dress (and hopefully it will to last her until next spring).

Colombine dress#3

Colombine dress#4

I think she loves it as well as I do.

I’ve been told that this dress is perfect as a nightgown (can’t blame her. It’s so soft I could pat it all day long).

Colombine dress#6

Colombine dress#5

Happy sewing 🙂

Ana Sofia


15 thoughts on “Beautiful Colombine

    1. Thanks !!!
      Right now, the lighting at the end of the day (and my mood, to be honest) is very bad, but I “needed” to take these pictures before I forgot. The pattern is quite adorable (and Liberty also makes everything a bit better, right?)

    1. I always loved ruffled collars (especially on babies, but also on older girls. They look too cute). I’m trying to find adapt a pattern for sewing these as well. They look fairly easy to do and not much time consuming (of course, if I had your magical sewing skills …)

  1. Thank you very much Ana Sofia for that lovely Dress!!!! I like it so much in that Liberty! Could I take one of your picture for the facebook page of my shop? Your daughter is beautiful…

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂
      (yes, you can use the pictures for your facebook page. Not quite sure about the quality as the lighting was not very good …)
      It’s a gorgeous pattern!
      I love both the blouse and the dress versions of this pattern. I usually choose timeless and classic pieces for my girl and this dress was really a pleasure to sew.
      All the best 🙂 Ana Sofia

  2. Oh wow, Ana Sofia, this is beautiful! It reminds me a dress that my mother sew a long time ago! This Liberty is perfect for winter. It’s really inspiring.

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