Random notes


December is almost gone!

Only a few days before the New Year …

The last few weeks have been kind of rollercoaster (try to imagine working a full-time job with 3 children on their holiday break).

It has been challenging and most days, my patience would be gone before the morning was over.

Answering phone calls and sending e-mails was hard. Having face-to-face meetings was impossible (lots of postponing…). Deadlines were all fullfilled (lots of report-making in the wee hours of the morning).

Getting through the end of day was very difficult (for all of us).

There were so many many times, when I felt I was losing it all: not able to get my job done and not able to be the mother my children need me to be.

Yet, I know I’m so lucky!

As I write this post, with a sweet girl asleep on my lap and both boys tucked in their beds, I can feel the peace in our home.

In this very special season, and for so many reasons, I feel very blessed: for the full-time job, for the amazing children that make me better every day, for the loving husband, for all the kisses and hugs that are shared around here during the day (a few tantrums, as well, of course), and so much more …




Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some Christmas sewing – Yes, I still found the time for some late night sewing (Believe me. It was needed it :))