Christmas sewing

The Christmas season is always a pretty good excuse to sew a few things: the perfect christmas dress (I was hoping to sew the Oliver + S Fairy Tale dress, but it will have to wait for Easter – The fabric is already on-hold and I can’t wait to see this done), adorable little clothes and some pretty treasures.

Of course, you need time to sew and during the holiday season sewing time is quite difficult to find.

Nevertheless, and despite (or maybe because of) having 3 little helpers during the holiday season, I did managed to get a bit of Christmas sewing done:

1. A set of full-coverage bib for my baby nephews (I use the Bapron free pattern). Fabrics were picked from my stash and I used soft white terry for the backs. The bibs were pretty easy to put together (the only challenge is to get the bias tape right) and looked adorable both on T. and A.



2. Baby overalls from Ottobre magazine (issue 1/2009, details here). I used some soft cord (the cream is fabric finders and the navy is from an eBay dealer) and french seams inside. Although my nephews were born just 4-days apart, they are quite different in sizing. I selected two different sizes and couldn’t be happy with the results. Unfortunately, the shirts were store-bought (if I had the time, I would have used Oliver +S Sketchbook shirt pattern, which is adorable and perfect for little guys).



3. The night-before Christmas dress (Oliver+S Picnic blouse with a few mods to make it a dress). I used a soft tartan wool (Papo d’Anjo stock-off sale) and a lace trim for the front bodice. This mod is so easy to do and it makes a lovely dress (it can’t get any easier, trust me). I finished just before our third (or fourth, but who’s counting) attempt of our annual Christmas photo.



4. And finally, the Christmas dress, again using soft tartan from the Papo d’Anjo stock-off sale and a favorite pattern (Mallory from the Children’s Corner).  This was, of course, a dress that was on my sewing-list for quite a while. I was hoping to get it done before the winter season, but somehow never managed to find the time to sew it.


Since, sewing the Fairy tale dress was not an option (time, again 😦 ), I decided to follow a very familiar and easy pattern as a replacement. It looked quite adorable and perfect for all the present unwrapping that was still going-on in the Christmas day (messy, messy …).


And now, only a few hours before the New Year’s Eve, I’m just about to sew the final buttons on her party dress (another “still to be sewn” project from my list).

Happy New Year to you all!!

Thank you for been there 🙂

Ana Sofia

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