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The Liebster Blog Award

Blogger note: This will be a long post. Make your self comfortable and enjoy! (hope you could make it till the end of the post. It took me forever to write this post. Lots of fun, nevertheless!)

On the final days of 2012, SisforSewing was nominated by Jessica from Chickadee Jess for a Liebster Blog Award!


You can check out Jessica’s Liebster blog post here (and take the change to visit her lovely blog while you are there. Her blog was such a nice surprise). Thank you Jessica!!

And then, just a couple of days later (while this blog post was been prepared), I got a second nomination (!) by the lovely Ashley and Emily from Francessuzzane – Sewing with sisters (I was already a follower of their blog. Highly recommended!).

It was SisforSewing first (and second) nomination ever and I was literally jumping with joy!

So, some of you may ask (like I did, to be honest) what the Liebster Blog Award is. Well, this is what I found:

The Liebster Blog Award is an award given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers, most of whom have less than 200 followers (or have been blogging for less than 6 months). It is to show newer bloggers that they are appreciated, and to help spread the word about new blogs. It was created to promote appreciation and recognition among the blog world. Liebster translates to “dearest” (or favorite/best) in German. It is also known as the Love Blog Award.

Isn’t it awesome?!

I though so as well 🙂

But, as most things in life, there are a few rules to follow:

The Rules:

1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.

2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you (I got to answer to 11 questions times 2 as I got nominateed twice, lol).

3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.

4. Choose 11 new blogs you love and link them in your post.

5. Please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you!

So, here’s what I have to say 🙂

11 Random things about me:

1. I can’t work propelry before breakfast. A glass of milk will get me going for miles, but a proper breakfats (milk, tea, bread and fruit) really gets me in a very good mood 🙂 (my husband knows this really well)

2. I love planning and organizing. I have my own templates (I have a few favorites: planning a wardrobe and a to-sew-list), manage two agendas – work and personal (planner and a journal, both from moleskine) and I’m always pleased to schedule everyone’s agenda as well.

3. I used to teach sunday school (before having my children). I love it and I know it’s something I will do again as soon as they’re a bit older.

4. I’m an compulsive reader – Mostly, I love poetry and biographies. I started writting poetry when I was six and I still love writting it today. I never dreamed of becoming a writer/poet, thought …

5. I am a shy person and usually very protective of my personal life. One could never tell I’m shy (often mistaken as being calm) as almost everyone around me (family and friends) are very outgoing and I usually blend very well, lol.

6. After, four years sewing on a regular basis, I’m still amazed with what I can sew. I find it impressive that clothes don’t fall apart after a few wears and that people like what I sew.

7. My wardrobe is mostly white, blue and cream with a few accents of color. Anything with lace, bows or ruffles gets instant access to my wardrobe. Having a “boring” wardrobe” also has its bonus: I can get ready in less than 15 minutes in a busy morning and I have lots of coordinates (there’s where my love for sewing mix-and-match clothes comes from).


8. In Highschool I wore pearl necklaces and silk scarfs from my mother (tied around the waist, securing a pony-tail, you name it) to classes. I pretty much keep that style till this day (including the ponytail).

9. If time (and money) was no object, I would love to have more children. I fell in love with my children the minute I knew I was pregnant and I know this love affair will last a lifetime. I feel so blessed for been part of their lifes.

10. Although I am fair skinned, I’m a sun person. Waking up to a sunny day, makes me very happy (luckly for me, we don’t have snow here and it sledom rains)! My family loves snow, so I’m a bit of a spoiler 😦

11. Living in a big city and driving everyday to work, my favorite thing on a sunday morning is to spend some time (a few hours, if possible) riding a bycicle in a near-by park. 


11 questions from Jessica’s:

1. Why do you blog?

I started thinking about blogging when I notice my flickr photos were geeting too loaded with information.

I wanted a place where I could share (and follow) my sewing.

There are so many wonderful, amazing people in the sewing community so when I started to get emails/comments asking for a blog, that was all the “push” I needed to give it a try 🙂

It was a family decision, and we both assume that it was okay if the blog only got a few random visitors. We never imagined it would be getting visits from around the globe. It feels so great! 

2. What are your top 3 must read blogs?

A set of 3 bloggers from my Blog Circle:

StraightGrain: An is an amzing lady and her blog features some of her inspiring work and tutorials

LaInglesita: María’s blog has been on my reading list for quite a while. I love her fabulous sewing and I always check her review of the Burda magazine before deciding on buying it (or not),

CottonCandy: A collective blog of 3 mothers (with 7 kids, all together) sharing amazing handmade stuff for kids.

3. What is your favorite day of the week?

Saturday! (it’s the day when I get to do most of what I love without rushing: organising, declutering and sewing)

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

Sewing! (and reading, both in the wee hours of the night)


5. What is the best costume you have worn?

I don’t think I’ve worn a costume since I was little.

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Portugal (we do celebrate Mardi Grass, but it’s mostly for children) so chances for wearing a costume become pretty limited once you grow-up. And I’m a shy person, remember? 

6. What room in the house do you most like to spend time in?

The family room!

The family room doubles as a dining room, study room and … sewing room (yes, I don’t have a sewing room. Just a sewing cupboard)!! So, if I’m not eating, helping out with the homework or watching TV, I’m sewing , and that makes it also my favorite room in the house :))

7. What job have you been procrastinating?

I would dare saying procrastinating is my middle name.

If it’s not urgent, it will definitely take me a lot of time to finally get around to do it.

My “guilty” list: completing the huge pile of projects in the pipeline (my current wip is way to big to detail, but includes 3 quilts, late-christmas pajamas and a new pair of curtains for M’s bedroom) and finding time to give feedback (I am very slow at answer my mails and comments. I’m working on it, but I always postpone it one more day …). 

Oh, I have a give-away blog post prepared since last november that has yet to be published here. Shame on me 🙂

8. What song do you love to dance to?

Aha! Dancing is a favorite around here!

I was raised in the 80’s so just pu on some dance music on and you can’t stop me.

My children love to dance as well so basically every sort of music gets a chance around here (tip: try to dance the Shoop Shoop song (Cher) with a 4 and a 5 years-old and see what happens. Fun!!)

9. If money were no object, where would you live?

My heart is where my family is.

Yet, I’m pretty sure we would all very happy with a house near the beach and close to the countryside (!) – we live in a big city, so that would be a nice change from all the daily stress (traffic, queues, rushing and deadlines).

10. Do you have any special talents?

Aside from the family dancing skills (above) I don’t thing I could name any special talents.

I was very good at ballet and gymnastics when I was younger and I can mesmerize a book of poetry. Does it count?

11. If you had one wish, what would it be?

Keep on feeling blessed everyday for what I/we have: family, friends, health and work.


11 questions from Francessuzanne’s:

1. What are your top five ‘must-read’ blogs?

SaidosdaConcha: A Portuguese blogger that shares amazing inspiration from around the world (Concha was born and raised in Lisbon, moved to the rural England and she’s now starting a new life in New Zealand). It’s definitely a favorite blog/blogger. 

PossieGetsCozy: Alicia’s blog features beautiful inspiration (and quiet) moments from her daily life. Definitely worth a visit. 

nanaCompany: Amy’s is an extremely talented lady and I just can’t get enough of her lovely creations. I just love everything she makes!

Townmouse: Everything Kristine does is pure beauty. Love her timeless and precious designs.

Autant en emporte: An amazing french sewing blog from Anne-Sophie (my name as well!). Lovely and totally worth the french class. 

And I also need to include:

Five and counting: Nicole’s is an amazing (and very generous) sewing friend. I just love everything she sews for herself and the amazing five. A must-read blog for sewing tutorials (Oliver+S patterns, mostly). 

2. Do you have a phobia? And if so – what is it?

I suffer from vertigo since I was a child (scare of heights). I can control it really well, thought 🙂

3. What is your favorite fabric? This might be a certain designer’s look, or a particular style / texture you are drawn to….

I’m a tactile person when it comes to fabric. 

Although most of my fabric shopping is done online, I love the feel the fabrics and their texture.

Of course, if you follow my blog/sewing, you know that I choose mainly natural fibers (like cotton, wool, linen) and timeless prints and colors. Although I love the designs of quilting cottons, when possible I choose apparel fabrics as they give the garments a better drape and wearability.


As for designer’s inspiration, I get most of my inspiration from Oscar de la Renta’s Childrenline (from the late-Papo d’anjo designer), french and spanish online brands but also from seeing other people’s creations and Portuguese handmade brands (that I get to visit and touch the garments, lol). 


4. What is your most tried and true pattern in your stash?

It will probably be a tie between Oliver+S puppet shorts, Citronille’s Appoline blouse and Children’s Corner Mallory dress.

I have sewn them all more than I care to admit it.

5. What is your dream job?

I’m very lucky to work in a field that I love (I run my own training and consultancy company) and still manage (some days better, than others) to balance my work assignments with my family.

I would love to have more time to pursue other interests (sewing), but I’m not sure if I could make this a full-time job. 

6. Share a tradition that you and your family enjoy.

Sunday mornings in the park followed by an informal meal (menu chosen by the smaller ones).

7. Name one thing sewing-related that you haven’t tried…but want to learn how to do.

This year, I started learning to smock. I’m still very novice to it, but would love to work on more elaborated designs.

8. What is your favorite month of the year and why?


It’s my birthday, it’s back to school month (I always loved back-to-school, even when I was young) and, at least here, we still have lots of beautiful warm days (sometimes, even a bit too warm).

9. If you had the opportunity to do a guest post, what series would you want to participate in….or, on which site would you like to guest post?

This year, I got the opportunity to do a guest post for the Customizing with Oliver and S series and I was thrilled!

I’ve been participating in Elsie Marley’s  Kids-clothes-week challenge for the last 2 editions and love the results (lots of sewing done). 

I would love to get more invitations, of course.

10. Where do you get your sewing inspiration (be specific – for example: a particular pinterest board, blog, children’s retail, etc.)? 

The sewing community has so many amazing and generous sewers.

I follow a few flickr groups, designers, manufacturers and sewing blogs (234 to be precise). I follow blogs from lots of different countries and yet, I still manage to discover new sources of inspiration everyday. It’s a bit overwhelming but yet so good 🙂

I set-up a few pinterest boards for save all the sewing inspiration I get from these amazing places.

A few favorites: Oliver+S Flickr group, Papillon et Mandarine’s and Citronille’s group blog, Pins from people I follow on pinterest (and of course, blogs mentioned above).

11. What has been your greatest “sewing find” to date?

Oliver+S patterns, of course! After a few “not-so-good” experiences (and just about to quit sewing for good), I decided to give a newly discovered brand a try (it was quite expensive in comparison with other brands, but the reviews were great and I love the vintage look). My first Oliver+S pattern was the Tea party dress (in 2009) that got me addicted for life 🙂


11 questions for the people I nominate:

1. When did you realise that blogging was an important part of your life?

2. What’s your favorite blog post (from you or others) ?

3. What do you see yourself blogging five years from now?

4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

5. What did you wanted to be when you’re growing-up?

6. Do you have a favorite life quote?

7. Are you a morning person (or a night owl)?

8. What do “feed” your creativity?

9. Name your favorite fabric designers/collections ever?

10. What’s the best advise you ever got?

11. What do you expect to accomplish in 2013?

11 (small and new) blogs I love and nominate (I added a bit more. Since I was nominated twice, I reckon this was okay 🙂 :

Nominees: Please leave me a comment with your Liebster post, so I can read up on you! Also, please leave a link back to this post on your blog.

Thank you for reading !

It was fun 🙂

Ana Sofia

23 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award

  1. Loved this interview. Like Cindy said, it’s always fun getting a peek behind the scenes. I started my blog for the same reason (flickr descriptions were turning into blog posts)! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah!
      So nice to read more from you!
      I’ve used your life quote quite a few times (in my training workshops). It’s also a favorite of mine 🙂

  2. Thank you Ana Sofia!
    I really enjoyed your lovely post.
    My limited access to a computer at present means I will be unable to participate but thank you so much for thinking of me.

  3. Thank you Ana Sofia – I replied a while ago but didn’t really click who you were and that I have admired your sewing on flickr for ages!! I have been slack and not got around to doing the liebster post on my blog but will do this week:) I love your stuff and will put your blog in my blog reader – is it new? I remember trying to see if you had a blog about a year ago through flickr but I don’t think you had one then? I also noticed that straightgrain loves your stuff – I have just found An’s blog too and love her sewing. Thanks again – i will let you know when I have posted about liebster award:) suz

    1. Thank you so much for your message Suz!
      I follow your blog for quite a while (I admire your ability to put together such beatuiful outfits. Love your last creation. Too cute!).
      I have been blogging for a few months now (a bit on and off, as running a household, managins a full-time job and raising a family takes priority, lol) and it’s been so great to get to know so many wonderfull and amazing people.
      Can’t wait to read your post as well.
      xx, Ana Sofia

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