Sewing for boys

The way I choose to dress my boys doesn’t differ much from what I choose to my girl: classic colors, timeless designs and natural fabrics.

Yet, I often find it difficult to engage in cute sewing for my boys (the kind that they really wear and doesn’t get worn only once to please me).

Nevertheless, and while it’s true that I sew a lot more for my girl (almost all her wardrobe, to be honest), I also sew to my boys.

I just don’t post it that often 🙂

So, I would like to introduce you the most-requested item for boys around here: Pajamas!

Both my boys love their handmade pajamas and I’m quite happy to provide new sets every season (I just don’t buy them store-bought pajamas anymore. Honest!).

I usually sew a few sets for each child (winter and summer) and they really last forever.

I’ve tested quite a few patterns (Oliver+S, Burda and Ottobre), and this is their current favorite:


Oliver + S Sleepover pajamas is both cute and easy to sew (love this part). I usually make it a bit more time-consuming with french seams – but it’s worth the extra time (of course, I couldn’t convince my sweet photograph that this feature was worth-taking a picture).

These two sets are for G: a soft cotton pair (Children at Play by Sarah Jane and a re-purposed fabric from daddy’s old shirt) and a soft blue flannel set (extra-wide flannel bought from a local shop).


Just in case, you wonder, they do choose the fabrics from a pile of selected prints (I need to buy more yardage for pajama sewing, so obviously I’m narrowing their selection beforehand).


I reckon these pajamas are a bit more expensive to make than a store-bought pair. Yet, G has been wearing his Children at Play set since last summer (over 6 months!) and it still looks brand-new (no Photoshop was used for these pictures).

And, that’s a bargain for me 🙂


Probably I really shouldn’t bother with pajama sewing (they are 3, after all), but they look so cute wearing their handmade pajamas to bed!

It really melts a mummy’s heart!

What’s really not to love about simple and very well-loved sewing?

xx, Ana Sofia

7 thoughts on “Sewing for boys

  1. I love this oliver + s pattern:) I have a grandson I sew for and I use this pattern all the time:) I feel the same way when I see him in his pj’s!

  2. You just convinced me to make some pajamas for my kids. I was actually thinking I’d like to make a night gown for my daughter. My son gets jealous if I do too much sewing my daughter and not him. I don’t find sewing his clothes as fun this is a project that I would enjoy making him.

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