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Picture perfect

Last summer, I was smitten by the release of the Liberty Lifestyle fabric collection (gorgeous quilting cotton from Liberty).

I picked a few favorites (not easy, I confess) but then I just waited: For the sale season (confession: I have expensive tastes when it comes to fabric so I need to shop wisely).

And finally, a couple of weeks ago my waiting has paid off: Both Liberty (online shop) and a favorite online french shop were on sale.

As much as I wanted to stock on almost everything (!), I managed to behave very well (at least, I think I did) and got only a few prints from the Garnet line (gorgeous). I also took the opportunity to buy the new Betsy porcelain (my new favorite) and a couple of D’Anjo tana laws (also on sale).

The Liberty quilting cotton is very nice with a beautiful satin touch and vivid colors and since it’s a bit heavier than their tana law it’s just perfect for my late-winter/early spring sewing.

My girl is always in need of new tops, so I decided to make her one of my (new) favorite patterns: the Colombine blouse.


It was not the first time I tested this pattern so it went together quite nicely (two evenings) and I was enchanted by the result (love the colors. Almost like a work of art).

I was truly impressed by the colors and the way the blouse looks so “picture-perfect”.

The Colombine is a beautiful pattern (although it’s in French, it’s really quite easy to follow, especially if you already have some sewing experience). I love to add a lace collar t-shirt underneath the Colombine – adds a cute touch and it’s an extra layer of clothing that works really nice for our mild winters:


Not quite sure, if I had posted a back picture of the Colombine here before:


(note: One of the back buttons is not missing. It’s just unbuttoned as this picture was taken after being worn by my girl).

And a few action pictures in the park (it was a lovely winter day. Guess springtime will be here soon):

LibertyColombine#2She worn the blouse with Clever Charlotte Finch shorts (made in dark green corduroy), another favorite around here and perfect for all-seasons (she’s been wearing those the entire winter with tights and turtlenecks).

Excuse the mismatched tights: Apparently “someone” decided it was time to get crafty and try to refashioned her tights-collection. This was one of the few pairs left (luckily for her, the winter is almost over as I’m not sure I want to go shopping for more tights. Even if they are on sale).


Isn’t it pretty?


xx, Ana Sofia

28 thoughts on “Picture perfect

  1. That is some serious cuteness! LOVE the last picture!! Question: do you know where to purchase ‘liberty bias tape’ by chance?? We’ve been on the lookout for some, and haven’t been able to secure any….

  2. Gorgeous, Ana Sofia! I feel like I could pick your clothes sewing out of a line up with no problems. They are always classic, pretty, with impeccable attention paid to the details!

    1. Oh, Merci! I have to confess that this pattern is a favorite around here – she asked me if she could wear her Colombine dress on her wedding day 🙂

  3. I follow your blog since one month…. And I want to say you that waht you are sewing is fantastic ! Very beautiful…..

  4. It’s gorgeous, Ana Sofia! I’ve also got a piece of Liberty lifestyle waiting to be turned into a dress. Feels a bit funny, though, using Liberty quilting fabric for clothes 😉

    1. Indeed!
      I wasn’t quite convinced on Liberty quilting before I “tested” during a quick visit to their flagship store in London – it has a wonderfull hand. It’s quite different from their Tana Law, but it still looks wonderfull (I only wish it was as wide as their Tana Law…).

  5. Love it! I just got the Colombine Shirt pattern! Did you have to add seam allowances to your pattern? I am working like mad to translate it, and that is one things I just can’t figure out!

    1. Thanks! The previous P&M patterns didn’t have the seams allowances included, but for Colombine (and Marlon) these are already included: 2 cm (1,78 inches) for the general seam allowances and 3 cm (2.18 inches) for the bottom and sleeves hems. I know they are working on the english version of this pattern, but do let me know if you need any help with the translation. This pattern is really cute and worth the extra (translation) effort, lol.
      Btw, I loved your latest nigthwear versions – the sleepover pj is just too cute 🙂
      xx Ana Sofia

    1. I just read your blog post!
      Your blouses are lovely – great to see the pattern work as a short-sleeve version.
      xx, Ana Sofia

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