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I’ve been following the Back to School Sewing from Cotton Candy for the last coupe of weeks.

Yet and probably because only my boys are in school (my girl is still in kindergarten), I don’t get much in-house requests for school-related sewing. Sad, I know …

Nevertheless, a few weeks ago I got a request from G: He needed a zippered pouch to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste to school. And he requested it to be “made by mummy”. Sweet, right?

Of course, I really can’t sew just for one around here. “Coincidentally” my girl also “needed” one pouch for carrying her baby supplies: feeding bottle and diapers. And that was also a very urgent request. seriously.

I was so happy to oblige.

I followed this free zip pouch tutorial (mine was enlarged by 125%. Highly recommended) and picked some bits of fabric from my stash. The grosgrain ribbons were added just for fun.

It was an easy, quick project to sew. Perfect to sewing with kids 🙂


Both G and Miss M were very happy with their pouches (and proud of their work).


For G’s pouch, I used a red gingham oilcloth fabric for the outside and a cute helicopter print for the lining.


For Miss M pouch, I used a japanese print (I had made myself a travelling pouch from the same fabric and she has been asking for a similar one for ages) for the outside and the red gingham oilcloth was used for the lining.


The next day, G proudly carried his pouch to school (such a sweet boy), but Miss M pouch “disappeared” by the end of the day (nevertheless, all the remaining contents were safely deposited in the toy box). She was devastated 😦

She requested for another one (exactly like the one that disappeared) and I know I’ll be sewing her a new one soon (luckily, there’s still enough fabric left).

Now, if only I can manage to make her promise not to take the new one for school (unrelated note: I do get easily attached to the stuff I made).

I won’t be venturing on backpacks (yet), but a pencil-case and a card wallet are next on my list.

How about your back to school sewing plans? What’s on your list?

xx, Ana Sofia

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