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Winter greens (!)

Although I’m managing to get more sewing done lately (mainly due to weekend and late night sewing sessions), it’s been almost impossible to get proper pictures to document it.

The problem is that I leave for the office early in the morning (impossible to take pictures with all the tasks needed in order to get 3 children’s + 1 mom ready to school/work) and when I arrive home at the end of the day the sunlight is already gone …

This outfit has been suffering the most: It was done in a couple of my late night + saturday afternoon sewing sessions and it’s been worn quite a lot already.  Yet all my attempts to get some pictures have been a huge failure (blame it on the (clothes) colors and bad winter lighting).

These are the best I could get, and sincerely I don’t expect to get better pictures of these 2 pieces together. So, I decided to post them anyway (action pictures were really bad, sorry! apparently skorts are great for running away from the photograph).

Usually my girl wears her (best) handmade clothes to school – blouses and pretty dresses, included. My rationale is that she will grow out of them very quickly, so why not wear them while they still fit …

Yet, despite all the nice compliments I get from the teachers and other moms, I know sweats and t-shirts are much better suited for all her daily activities and chores (painting, drawing, play dough, washing hands …).

With this in mind, I bought her a couple of nice, easy to mix, t-shirts from some local shops (I usually buy them on sale so these are far less expensive than buying good-quality knit fabric) and (slowly) I’ve been incorporating a couple of basic tunics into her wardrobe as well (perfect under wool cardigans and with t-shirts underneath for added warm).

My favorites to date are from Oliver and S and P&M, but I’m willing to try a few more, lol.

Green floral colombine#3

Pattern: Colombine from P&M with a few mods (added grosgrain ribbon ties instead of fabric ties, pipping to the front bodice and a lace edge trim collar)

Green floral colombine#1

The sweet floral print (which is a nightmare to photograph) was purchased from Farmhousefabrics (on sale) and the lace trim from an eBay seller.

Green floral colombine#4

The badminton skort is from Oliver+S Spring 2012 collection and I was so pleased to give it a try. It looks wonderful and it’s very comfortable to wear (so I’ve been told). The soft bottle green wool fabric was rescued from the remnant bin of a local fabric shop, so this was quite a bargain.

I do love the scalloped hem and I’m so glad I sew it – I almost cut it off as I though it would look to “handmade”. It looks very soft and feminine, Cute, but nor over-the-top….

The pictures were taken  in the north of Portugal where you can find the traditional houses built on schist, granite and stems. Beautiful but way too cold for me. The morning after we left it started to snow …

I’m currently working on a few projects (do check the inspiring Kid’s Clothes Belgian Style series on the side link) and dreaming of upcoming summer sewing ….

Happy sewing, Ana Sofia

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    1. Thanks, Cindy!
      Still working on the fabric/pattern choices. It’s a bit more challenging that I had antecipated (yet, so much fun)!

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