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In-between (wardrobe) …

For the last couple of days it’s been raining. The sort of rain that makes you wish for spring and sunny days.

While waiting for the sun,  I’ve been busy sewing some “in-between” pieces for my girl – clothes that she could wear to school and to play dates and still keep her warm (especially, when coats are often neglected in the hanger during recess).

This season, blouses and tunics (with easy elasticated sleeves), shorts and pants have score high in my sewing list.

We both love them.


If you’ve been following my blog (and sewing), you may have noticed that when sewing for my girl, and mostly in order to make the most of my sewing time, I select a few colors and plan my sewing around the selected hues and patterns (PS: Coordinated pieces are mandatory for stress-free dressing in the mornings, lol).

This season, it was all about muted colors – sand, green and a few splashes of blue. Florals were also a big inspiration (Liberty and other) together with a few plaids, all very easy to incorporate and that provided the needed splash of color to my girl’s wardrobe.

This combo (floral blouse and basic pants) was on my list since the start of the season, but somehow I kept postponing it. So glad, I finally managed to find a slot to sew it.

I’m not quite sure, if these will be the final additions to this season’s wardrobe (I hope so, as I’m now ready for summer sewing), but I’m sure these will be perfect for making the transition into spring …



As usual, when sewing for my girl, I give myself a few guidelines: clothes need to be functional enough (she needs to be able to dress herself in the mornings, with little or no help), they must be comfortable enough for all-day active wear (jumping, running and playing are heavy on your clothes) and be age appropriate.

Mission accomplished 🙂


Technical details:

Blouse: Oliver+S Class Picnic Blouse (I added a few inches to the front and back for more fullness. I also added length to the sleeves , but could have added a few more inches). Soft floral fabric (with soft pink and green. Lovely) from and cream rick-rack from a local shop.

Pants: Oliver+S Afterschool Pants in corduroy (Can’t remember the source. It was a remnant from a few seasons ago). I highly recommend this pants pattern (much more easier than expected and with a great fit).

(and my current obsession, a cute bow tie, which is the fastest (sewing) project ever – less than 5 minutes – a free pattern from Oliver+S).

xx, Ana Sofia

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    1. Thank you! I always though it was difficult to find a cute and yet wearable pants pattern for her.
      This is just perfect (I did skipped the back ruffles, at per her request).

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