Sewing for Miss M

Easter dress

Due to the weather forecast (again, heavy rain and strong winds), and my vain attempt to believe it would change at the last-minute, I postponed sewing Miss M Easter dress until the day before (which was a saturday). So, when I decided (against the weather previsions) to go ahead and sew her the sweet Liberty dress I’ve been planning since Christmas, my local shop was already closed (I’m guessing it didn’t even opened that day) and I couldn’t get the notions I needed (why do we always need an invisible zipper and coordinating thread at the last-minute?).

So, in a rush, a new dress was planned. I used a medium twill from my stash (purchased from Farmhousefabrics) and a current favorite pattern (tried and tested before with great results, lol).

Note: Please excuse the bad lighting in the pictures bellow. Natural light has been really failling on me …

Can you guess which pattern I used? I did some minor changes (that look really nice, in my humble opinion) …

Colombine sans sleeves#4

The pattern is Colombine from P&M.

My initial intention was to sew the long-sleeve dress version (I had already cut both sleeves), but at the very last moment, I decided to just leave it sleeveless (added bias to the armhole).

Colombine sans sleeves#3

I guess, I’m optimistic and I’m assuming she won’t be needing any more winter dresses for quite a few months (have I mentioned it’s been raining non-stop for the last few weeks. Or months, but who’s counting, right?).

Nevertheless, I know this version will get a lot of wear during the upcoming summer months.

Colombine sans sleeves#1 

Ironically, when I first cut the pattern pieces (sleeves included), I didn’t have enough yardage for the ties, so I went ahead and used the blue dots I was using for the lining.

Colombine sans sleeves#8

The veridict: This was not my planned fabric or pattern, but we really loved the result.

Colombine sans sleeves#9

The dress is very comfortable to wear and it was perfect for our gray and rainy Easter (indoors).

Colombine sans sleeves#5

Colombine sans sleeves#7

Do rest assured, she will be getting a new spring dress soon. Tomorrow, I plan to stock the needed notions and start cutting the pattern pieces.

If only, the sun would join us for a photo session 🙂

Easter cake

(and yes, we did even bake a sunny Easter cake. Just in case …)

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