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Handmade gifts

Posting on time is never easy for me – often I rely on my husband (he’s great and very patient), on good lighting and weather (outdoors always look much better) and cooperative models …

Hence, the scarce posts and late comments (sorry!) …

Yet, sometimes I’m just plain lazy and forget to post pictures.

Miss M turned 5 a couple of weeks ago (I know, shocking, right? Wasn’t she born just yesterday?!)

I did sew her a few new dresses (couldn’t really help it and will be posting pictures soon – still waiting for good weather/lightning) and the much-awaited handmade gifts.

As usual, I had a very long list, but only managed to made her two …

1. A new mini-doll quilt from The Simple Life collection from Tasha Noel (love, love all her work and this collection is just gorgeous. I am working on a new quilt for her bed from this line as well. It will be so cute!!)

simple life#1

I used some fat-quarters and a cute lace trim. As it’s so tiny, I didn’t quilt it, instead I just added a few red stitches to frame it.

simple life#2

She thought, it was perfect for tucking a favorite doll …

simple life#4

and 2. a Princess Pocket Pillow (using a panel print from the Happy Ever After collection from Riley Blake).


The princess is adorable and has lots of cute dresses tucked inside the wardrobe pocket. Miss M loves to spend a few minutes dressing the princess before falling asleep …


I loved to see the smile on her face when she opened the gifts.  And, guess what, they were exactly what she wished for!

Love, love my sweet girl!


Happy sewing 🙂

10 thoughts on “Handmade gifts

    1. Thank you Gina!
      It’s a much loved pillow, and perfect to get her tucked into bed, playing with the princess and dresses. She fells asleep almost 5 minutes after 🙂

  1. Happy Birthday to your little one:) She is so adorable!!! Your handmade gifts are wonderful, treasures forever!!

  2. Lovely and precious! I always try to make my kids *something* handmade for gift occasions – even if it’s an extra little thing. I think handmade things have more “thingness” (to quote Heidegger) and are infused with the relationship between the maker and the user.

    1. Thank you Ann!
      I agree with you – my kids love their handmade gifts better than the store-bought ones (really!). I suppose they acknowledge that these were specially made for them and that makes them feel very special and unique.

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