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Kids Clothes Belgian Style

Today, I’m featured on the Kids Clothes Belgian Style, from the amazing talented An (and don’t forget to get some further Belgian inspiration from the Kids Clothes Belgian Style Flickr Group. I know I’ll be uploading my pictures soon).

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It was a pleasure to sew this challenge, yet I’m not quite sure if my outfits (yes, I did two) fit the ultra-cool Belgian style I got inspired by …

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Of course, An’s Kids Clothes Belgian Style was just the perfect excuse to get in the mood for the  KCW (Kids Clothes Week) Spring 2013 that it’s starting today!

And I’m taking this opportunity to add some, much-needed, summer clothes to my girl’s wardrobe.

Last year, I had everything prepared in advance and yet didn’t managed to complete everything I had planned to. So, this year, I’m not really making any plans and I’ll just see what I manage to complete by the end of this week …

Happy sewing!

13 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Belgian Style

    1. Thank you, Martha!
      I wasn’t sure about the fairy tale (I got the inspiration from the mini-boden catalog), but this pattern is amazing – I fell in love with the fit on her (perfect) and the skirt construction (the lining makes it so full and bouncy).
      It’s totally worth all the extra-sewing time (and perfect for formal occasions).

  1. I’ve been trying very hard to wait to get the roller skate but seeing this outfit makes me want to buy it now:).

    1. I had also been pondering this pattern.
      I still have a couple in my cupboard requesting my sewing time, so I really couldn’t justify buying this one (I was lucky to receive it as a give-away).
      That said, the pattern is really straight forward, probably one of the easiest Oliver+S patterns (it took me less than 2 hours and I’m a slow sewer, with lots of distractions along the way) and I can see this as a favorite for gifts and busy mums – it’s perfect for layering and looks even better on.
      Of course, now I need to be tempted to buy the pinwheel dress and tunic (at the moment, I’m still waiting, of course) …

  2. Both outfits are adorable! I love the dress (it’s so pretty!) but there’s something about the tunic and shorts that makes my heart go pitter pat.;)

    1. Thank you Cindy!
      The dress was initially sleeveless, but after seeing your version I just went back and added the sleeves – too cute!
      I was not quite sure about the tunic (I didn’t immediately saw the potential of the pattern and, obviously, the print is so different from my usual selection). It was really a nice surprise – I just love the “animals” and, coincidentally, I did a great-match of the print in the back (and that makes my sewing-heart so happy). It was really a winning combination and made me realize that I need to step outside my (sewing) comfort box a bit more often!

  3. I enjoyed reading your post at Straight Grain, you brought up an interesting point that you weren’t able to find the right fabrics in your area to sew a deer or wolf dress.
    I went to a local fabric store yesterday and I had the opposite problem ~ too many scenery fabric to choose from, how do I make a decision?
    It got me thinking, maybe there are some people who would be interested in an International Fabric Swap?
    For example, I live really close to these fabric stores:
    Put “Novelty Cotton Print” in the search and hundreds of fabrics will come up, a warning that all of them will not be scenery fabrics, but there are: birds, deer, horses, wolves, southwest, etc.
    Just a thought, if there is interested something could be started 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Sorry I missed your comment (busy busy with all the KCW 2013 sewing going on).
      I do think your idea is quite interesting – nevertheless, we do have an issue (in Portugal, where I live), which adds to the, already too costly, international shipping costs – duties taxes on every package above 45 USD (including shipping)! That said, usually I’m not really capable of ordering more than 2,5 yards of fabric from the States without paying a lot for it.
      I would love to further explore the idea, thought!
      Just let me think (assess all the inputs) for a while. I’ll get back to you soon.
      And thank you as well for your lovely comment. Ana Sofia

  4. Olá Ana Sofia! Muitos parabéns pelos dois projectos! Ficaram fantásticos! Gostei muito do vestido mas o top e os calções encheram-me as medidas. Adorei!
    Nunca usei moldes da Oliver and S porque os acho sempre muito caros. Onde os compra?
    E muito obrigada pelas visitas ao meu blog! Desculpe não responder, mas tenho andado aflita com a costura. Afinal parece que não consigo ser assim tão organizada! 🙂

    1. Olá Marta! Obrigada pela mensagem!
      Confesso que o top e os calções também são os meus favoritos (e terão certamente mais uso que o vestido).
      Recebi a mensagem de mail e conto responder ainda hoje 🙂
      Só para adiantar: normalmente (leia-se quase sempre) compro os moldes O+S com desconto (entre 15% e 25%, e se possível com portes gratis/reduzidos) através da (procuro os cupões de desconto no ou espero pelo envio de mail com desconto) ou do próprio site da O+S (quando fazem promoções, normalmente 2 vezes por ano). Acabei por comprar muitos através de uma loja online que entretando também já fechou a metade do preço. Concordo que são caros, mas as instruções valem bem a pena (e com 3 crianças e sobrinhos para mimar), acabo por os amortizar rapidamente – e claro, a minha “desculpa” preferida, são equiparados a uma aula de costura pois aprende-se sempre técnicas novas com eles (e bem mais baratos).
      Desta vez tive “sorte” (até porque tinha prometido a mim própria que não comprava os moldes desta nova coleção – não fiquei convencida) pois o molde Roller Skate que utilizei foi-me enviado pela O+S para testarem um novo modelo de envios internacionais …

  5. awesome job – love them both… I think they both give a nod to the Belgium style, and the shorts and to I can clearly see your inspiration!!!

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