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KCW Spring 2013

I mentioned in my previous post, that I was going to join the KCW (kids Clothes Week) Spring 2013 with very little expectations – I had just participated in the Kids Clothes Belgian Style (by the amazing An), I had been working abroad for most of the previous week and I had quite a few unexpected requests at work. I was feeling a bit exhausted and to be honest, I was not quite sure, if I was going to accomplish anything.

I had only participated once before and I wasn’t really able to complete most of my projects …

Nevertheless, I had learn my lesson and, this time around, I was determined to follow a few basic rules:

1. Lower your expectations. On KCW you should really focus on how fun it is to sew for our kids. Don’t make unrealistic plans and don’t push yourself to the limit – I was still working 40+ hours/week and had no time to plan in advance (major flaw, for a control/planning freak like myself). Still, I though it was fun to jump in. No expectations (I was just going to complete 2 projects and I was okay with it). Easy, right?

KCW2013_Day 1 and 2

2. Go with simple/tested patterns: That made a huge difference because this time around I almost didn’t need to read any instructions (which is good when you’re trying to sew at 2 am and your reading skills start to trick you). I’ve chosen some of my favorite patterns and so I knew exactly what where the steps (by heart, trust me. Some of them I’ve already mesmerized). I’ll have time to test some new patterns later. This week was all about give a head-start on my little girl spring wardrobe – basic designs is always the best.

KCW2013_Final Days

3. Sew what you need and use whatever you have in your stash/sewing cabinet. This time, I wasn’t stressing about a missing zipper or lack of coordinating buttons. I was committed to use what I have. It worked.

KCW2013_Final days#2

4. KCW and Blogging don’t go together. For the first 2 days, I was still checking the Flickr pool, following and commenting on blogs, but soon I realize that I needed to use my time to … sew. It was worth it (I think), and now, of course, I’ll be checking all the amazing creations in the Flickr pool, my favorite blogs and sending feedback to all my comments. Thank you!

KCW2013_Final days#1

and yes, I’ll be posting further details (and action pictures) of my KCW Spring 2013 week. I just need a few days to catch up 🙂

KCW2013_Final days#3

Of course, for KCW 2013, you’re suppose to sew for at least 1 hour per day (April 22 to April 29), but you still can sew longer if you wish. I did. On average I sew for 2 to 4 hours each day for 7 days (always in the wee hours of the night).

Usually I sew around 6 hours per week, so this was truly a challenge for my routine. I feel sleep-deprived and tired.

Today, I save the day for baking with my kids and make some spring cleaning around the house. Just what I need to get back into my usual routine.

I’m already planning my next sewing project (a much-needed and requested pair of Pajamas for my older boy. He’s a sweetie), but I’ll be back soon.


Ana Sofia

15 thoughts on “KCW Spring 2013

    1. Thank you Catherine!
      The apple fabric has been in my stash for quite a while (over 2 years, maybe?!). I knew this day would come ….

    1. lol
      To be honest, sewing is the perfect stress relief after a busy day in the office – It felt so good so sew for a while and start to feel relaxed again. Also, once you start (and especially with easy, well-known patterns) is difficult to stop, right? After all, you’re almost done 🙂

    1. Thank you Christine!
      It really helps to lower your expectations (and be happy with it) because in the end I was so happy for completing so much this time around – last season, I planned/expected too much ….
      It would be lovely to see your creations in the new round. KCW Summer 2013, maybe?

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!
      Time management is not my best feature (despite what everyone else says, lol) so I decided to play safe. This way, I was so pleased with all the pieces I made (instead of feeling miserable for what I didn’t achieved).

  1. Mesmo trabalhando full-time conseguiste costurar tudo isso?! Incrivel!
    Adorei os modelos e os tecidos. Principalmente o vestido das maçãs, claro!

    1. Obrigada Marta!
      Tive sorte (e um feriado à mistura): os modelos eram mesmo simples (e já os sei de cor o que facilita imenso) e a chegada dos dias quentes deu-me o empurrão que eu precisava (todas as roupas do ano passado, estão super curtas e/ou justas). Claro que ajuda eu já estar habituada a trabalhar pela noite fora (e costurar é bem melhor, acredita!)

  2. You are amazing Ana Sofia! I don’t know how you do it all! These are all such beautiful items, your lovely girl will look extra special.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Audrey!
      It really was needed – she grew a lot during the winter (lol) and now that the sun is here (finally) all of her summer clothes are too short.

    1. Thank you Kristin!
      It turned out to be a productive KCW after all and that really doesn’t happen much often around here, lol

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