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KCW Spring 2013 – Days 1 and 2

As promised, I’ll be posting the details of my KCW Spring 2013 (sewing marathon).

I’ll be splitting this into 3 posts in order to get this short and sweet (and to help me to resume some proper sleeping habits, lol).

So, here it goes:

After the Kids Clothes Belgian Style sewing, I reckoned I had no energy level for taking another sewing challenge.

I’ve been there before and I know it’s pretty easy to plan too much and sew too little. So, this time, I was committed to complete only 2 (yes, my initial expectations were for 2 pieces) unfinished projects.

It sounded like a very reasonable goal (not that ambitious but feasible).

For KCW Spring 2013 day 1, I completed a modified version of the Colombine dress (p&m) – I had done this pattern quite a few times before, both as a dress and as a tunic, so by now I already know the sewing instructions by heart.


(The original Colombine pattern)

I did a few mods, based on a previous version, and this time I only introduced some minor adjustments: i)  instead of adding bias bidding at the armholes, the bodice was fully lined , ii) I added some fullness to the skirt and gathered everything, instead of the simple side-gathering indicated in the pattern and iii) a cute lace/ribbon insertion was added to the bodice front and back to get the traditional look of my childhood dresses (this reminds me of some sweet pinafores I had when I was younger).

KCW2013_Day 1

This dress was completed in less than 2 hours (true to be told, it was already cut and the bodice was half-assembled) and it got worn the day after by my girl (she had a birthday party and needed a princess dress …). and then again, a few days later to another birthday party (she loved it!!).

Colombine pink#1

The only downside, is that it’s not easy to get a proper picture of the dress (too much pink and poor lighting), but this one gives a pretty good idea of the color – not too much pink (I think) and still so pretty for a little girl.

KCW2013_Final days#4

(displaying the gorgeous package received from a sweet friend living in NZ. Thank you so much C!).

One word of caution: the original pattern is in french, but it is so worth trying it. There are lots of pictures and, if you have basic sewing skills, you will be able to sew it quite easily.

For KCW Spring 2013 day 2, I had plans to finish a Roller Skate tunic (Oliver and S) that I started the week before for the Kids Clothes Belgian Style (but decided to go ahead with this version, instead). Again, the pieces were already cut and half-completed.

So, without surprise, the tunic took me less than 1 hour to complete (and I’m a slow sewer).

For the tunic, I used a much-loved (and best-kept) apple print from the Farmers Market collection and a blue sating ribbon in the front. I knew my girl would love it!

Roller Skate Tunic#1

Can’t really beat pink, red and apples can you? (worn here with a much-worn pair of after-school pants, made for the KCW Fall 2012 and still in heavy rotation).

Please disregard the stains and dirt. I don’t mind her playing (and getting dirty) with her new clothes (I have a very good relation with my washing machine). At least, I know these clothes are much-loved…

So, after day 1 and day 2 completed, it was pretty obvious I needed new projects for the remaining days, right?

xx, Ana Sofia

8 thoughts on “KCW Spring 2013 – Days 1 and 2

    1. Thank you ladies! Lucky for me, she loved everything and is eager to try them all (I only wish the weather would cooperate a bit. We’re having rain again today!)

    1. Merci beaucoup, Karine!
      Ce modèle est magnifique car il tombe parfaitement (comme d’habitude). C’est (une fois plus) une de mes patrons d’élection pour cette saison.
      Très bonne journné, Ana Sofia

  1. I’ve been saving some of that apple fabric. Love it for this tunic! Both the tunic and dress are lovely.

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