Sewing for Miss M

Ottobre Kokeshi

My first Ottobre pattern was the  Babushka pinafore dress pattern (issue 01/2009). This pattern is for a sweet baby pinafore (with a Babushka doll applique at the front) and was included in the first Ottobre issue I bought (seems like it was only yesterday, lol). The instructions were quite clear (although, as usual, I didn’t follow them… Continue reading Ottobre Kokeshi


Flip this Pattern Series

Just in case you haven’t already heard of it, in order to celebrate one-year blogging, the lovely ladies from FrancesSuzanne will be will be hosting the “Flip This Pattern” series (do check their blog, they are soooo talented). The “Flip This Pattern” series is a YEAR-LONG SEWING EVENT, running from June 2013 – May 2014! It consists of twelve children “flipped patterns,”… Continue reading Flip this Pattern Series