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KCW Spring 2013 – Days 4 and 5

I’m almost done – posting about the clothes that I manage to tackle during the KCW Spring 2013.

The final 2 pieces – days 4 and 5, are two of my favorites so far (aren’t they all?).

When I was young, dresses in soft colors signaled the start of the warmer season (that and new white shoes/sandals) and as the weather starts the get warmer around here, I find myself looking for softer hues and pretty floral – such nice additions to my little girl’s wardrobe.

On day 4 (and taking advantage of a national holiday), I sew another Colombine dress for my girl.

Again, using similar mods as the previous version, but choosing a gorgeous Liberty print (Betsy Porcelaine) –  my new favorite Liberty print.


I love this dress so much that, I’m not even sure if she will be able to wear it without close supervision – I can’t bear a stain in this lovely print.

Don’t take this seriously, of course. My kids know that they can play as much as they want in their clothes (and believe me, they do!). I’m not picky, to be honest, and I don’t really mind washing and ironing! (especially pretty dresses, lol). 


Can you spot her smiling in the pictures (cute)? I believe she also loves this dress …



Of course, after 4 sewing nights, I was feeling exhausted (and in need of a good-night sleep), so for day 5, I went with an easy pattern (again).

The Apolline top was my first Citronille pattern and I’m so glad for it: It’s simple, quick to complete and looks adorable on. Ever since this pattern, I’ve been stashing several of their lovely patterns (yes, most of them are written in French, but if you check their website there are a few already available in English), yet this still remains my favorite (also great as a dress – just add the necessary length).


Citronille patterns and Liberty prints are always a winning combination, so I selected a print sourced from an eBay auction (sometimes, I get lucky).

I love that it also coordinates with the Oliver+S Puppet Show shorts (of course, at the time of sewing the top, the shorts weren’t made yet, but there were already cut and I knew they would coordinate).


For this version, I did not make any major modifications. This top is a size 6 (with added lengthen, because I’m sure it will be too short soon) and it looks adorable on her.


So, do you feel inspired to join the upcoming KCW Summer 2013? (it will arrive soon)

Happy sewing!

xx Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “KCW Spring 2013 – Days 4 and 5

  1. I really love the Appolline pattern, but I do not speak French. I have sewn mostly with Children’s Corner and Oliver + S patterns, think I could fumble through it? If worse came to worse, my brother-in-law speaks some French, though neither it nor English is his first language, so I doubt he has much knowledge of the sewing lingo! But I have yet to find a pattern in English with such lovely proportions.

    1. Hi Jennifer, if you have been sewing with Children’s Corner and Oliver+S, sewing with Citronille (or P&M) should be quite easy for you (P&M instructions are more detailed than Citronille’s). I do have a draft translation of the Appolline pattern that I can forward you, if you wish (nothing fancy, but it may help you).

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