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Pattern Giveaway: The Tinny dress by Straight Grain

This giveaway is now closed. I’ll be posting the (randomly selected) winner tomorrow. Thank you and good luck to you all 🙂

The lovely An from the Straight Grain just launched a new pattern: The Tinny dress, a retro/contemporary dress pattern inspired by 1960s vintage children’s fashion (love the description).

I was lucky enough to test An’s first pattern (the Bubble dress) and now… the new Tinny dress (insert happy dance, here!).

Tiny dress

Honest, I had been eyeing the Tinny dress for quite a while (I will be flipping this pattern in the Flip this Pattern series soon) and couldn’t wait to try it.

This is an adorable dress with lots of (sewing) options.

You get to choose between 4 different collars (peter pan collar, butterfly collar, asymmetrical collar and open collar), 2 sleeve (tulip cuffs and notched cuffs) and 3 skirts styles (full circle skirt, pleated skirt, gathered skirt).  That’s a total of 168 different looks with just one pattern. Impressive, right?

Nevertheless,  I was short of time (An’s deadline and my work agenda were not truly compatible) so I needed to make some basic (read, fast) options for my “test version”.

For my version, I choose the butterfly collar, notched cuffs and gathered skirt.


Sweet, right?


I tried to stay faithful to the original dress design (that’s the main reason for using pattern testers, right? You need to find out if other people can follow your instructions and produce a similar piece), but “someone” thought that a pink stash was needed …


Still lovely (yet, a bit far from An’s Belgian style).


Now, the best part:

In order to celebrate her second pattern, An will be offering a Tinny dress pattern to one lucky winner!

To win a copy of the Tinny dress (pdf pattern, sizes 1 to 6 years), just leave me a comment bellow saying which would be your first options for this dress (please one entry per person. If you’re a subscriber/follower, you can get 2 entries and if you also comment on An’s Tinny post, you can get 3 entries).

The giveaway will be open until Saturday, June 8th 2013 (midnight, GMT). I’ll random pick the lucky winner on Sunday, June 9th 2013.

I do look forward for your entries (ps. don’t forget to add a valid email address so that I can send you the pattern, if you are the lucky winner).


Thank you An and good luck to you all!

Ana Sofia

64 thoughts on “Pattern Giveaway: The Tinny dress by Straight Grain

  1. I´m definitely making this pattern although I haven´t decided the fabric yet and I´m so overloaded with LIFE that I don´t know when I´ll be ever to sew as much as I did before.
    I love your sweet outfits for your girl. She´s adorable!
    Thanks for the chance Sofía. It´s always a pleasure to read your beautiful posts.

  2. Your pretty girl is growing up! Like her, I prefer the sash. I would make the asymmetrical collar and full skirt. I have been wanting to tulip sleeves but since it is 100 degrees here I think I would have to make it sleeveless or add a flutter sleeve. In the fall I would make the tulip sleeve. Thank you!

  3. I like the peter pan collar and the full circle skirt! The dress looks beautiful on your daughter!

  4. Love your sash addition!
    I’d make the pleated skirt with the tulip sleeves and the Peter Pan collar.

  5. I would make the Peter Pan collar, tulip sleeves and circle skirt. Your little girl looks adorable in your version of the dress!! 🙂 also love the sash addition..

  6. I love the asymmetric collar and full skiers with tulip sleeves! This looks like such a great pattern!

  7. This is a wonderful pattern and a wonderful version you made!

    I would chose a lovely fifties-style fabric from my store, the asymmetrical collar, tulip cuffs and the pleated skirt. This would be the perfect dress for the upcoming marriage season, so hopefully I’m the lucky winner!

    (I’m following your blog via RSS-feed.)

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. I would choose the asymmetrical collar, the tulip cuffs and the pleated skirt.
    Isabel A.

  9. This pattern looks so versatile! I think my favorite version is the one with the peter pan collar. I love the classic look!

  10. Yes, I do remember dresses like this. Think I had one in plaid with a white peterpan collar! So cute!

  11. Love this dress. I’d chose the open collar, whit notched cuffs and pleated skirt. Thank you for the opportunity

  12. Very pretty dress Ana Sofia! I think I would have to try the Peter Pan collar with the full circle skirt.

  13. I love this dress 🙂 I’d definitely start with the asymmetric collar and fuller skirt.

    I really like your version with the sash. That’s a cute touch 🙂

  14. I would go for the classic look – peter pan collar and cuffed sleeves but a circle skirt because all little girls love twirling! I have been eyeing up this pattern since it came out a few days ago!

  15. I love it with the asymmetrical color and the circle skirt just like in the first pic!

  16. I just bought it!, I just couldn’t wait!!! ❤ My first choice is going to be the a-line skirt with the asymmetrical collar! ….

  17. I would make Peter Pan collar, Full skirt and tulip cuffs out of these choices! Thanks.

  18. Thank you so much, dear Ana Sofia, for your lovely review! I love how you translated the pattern to your own style. It was great having you as a pattern tester 🙂 an xo

  19. Your girl looks gorgeous in your dress version. I would sew the butterfly collar, tulip sleeve and full circle skirt.

  20. This dress looks like so much fun to wear! I’d choose asymetrical collar, notched sleeves and, of course, the circle skirt (twirling is fun!) Thank you!

  21. This is a fabulous dress! Not sure which option set is my favorite- but that asymmetrical collar, notched sleeves and pleated skirt looks wonderfully vintage. This would be fun to play with. I just discovered your blog via Oliver and S…..very exciting- you’ve got some neat things going on!

  22. Wow, this is great! What a wonderful dress for a cute little lady! I would love to try the peter pan collar with notched cuffs and circle skirt followed by a version with asymmetrical collar and tulip cuffs. And I guess, my little princess might have some more ideas… Thank you for that great post! I’m following here and I’m waiting for your next posts 🙂

  23. Hi! Wonderful dress for such a cute little lady! I’d love to sew the peter pan collar, notched cuffs and circle skirt first, followed very soon by the asymmetrical collar plus tulip cuffs and I guess, my little princess might have some more ideas what and how to sew… Thanks so much for this great post! Of course, I am following 😉

  24. Sorry for posting twice… my computer and I… very difficult relationship… it told me, posting was not possible although it had already sent it…

  25. So cute! I would love to make this with the Peter Pan collar, tulip sleeves and circle skirt. Adorable pattern!

  26. I would start with the peter pan collar, tulip cuffs, and full circle skirt. Love all of the options!

  27. I love this dress! I would make it with asymmetrical collar, tulips cuffs and circle skirt. Thank you. p.s. I commented An’ s post too!

  28. Hello, i would make the dress with a asymmetrical collar, tulip sleeves and a full circle skirt. Love your fabric. Ok it isn’t complete belgium style but daughters of a certain age love the color pink, right? Althougt the last few months my oldest daughter entered her blue fase i guess.
    Greetz from Holland.

  29. I would make the asymetrical collar, with a pleated skirt and notched sleeves…I just love this pattern, and your version is just perfect…as always!

  30. Ana Sofia, this is a beautiful dress! Not that I would expect any less. I think her pink sash is perfect too.
    I would pick the asymetrical and notched sleeves for sure!

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