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Pattern testing

For the last couple of weeks, I had the pleasure to test two new patterns from The Cottage Mama.

I felt in love with all the new patterns (4 in total) and while the Georgia Vintage dress is already available for sale (I didn’t test that one, but already got mine), the ones that I tested will be released this week (first one tomorrow and the second on Wednesday).

I may now share a bit of what I sew …

Miss Matilda Teaser#1

Miss Matilda Teaser#3

Aren’t these lovely?

16 thoughts on “Pattern testing

  1. They are lovely! I think I prefer the blue version because of this fantastic print with birds! Where did you get it?
    (PS: your daughter is really pretty!)

    1. Merci!
      The blue fabric was my first option (my girl picked it on her first fabric shopping trip with me …). It’s from Tilda’s new collection (I got it from a local fabric shop. I got just enough for this top and when I went back for more, it was already sold out),

  2. os tops ficaram girissimos! para as minhas filhas talvez lhes tirasse alguns folhos (escrevo em portugues e assim ninguem percebe!) mas o modelo em si parece muito bem desenhado e parece cair lindamente à tua filha. e gostei imeso das calças. a barra na bainha fica mesmo bem! também são homemade?

    1. :-))
      Os tops são na verdade de 2 tamanhos diferentes (o azul é mais pequeno) porque tenho sempre a mania de costurar o tamanho acima.
      As calças são do molde que vai ser lançado na 4ª feira (estas ficaram ligeiramente pequenas). Fiz também o tamanho acima (com mais detalhes…).

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