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Picnic class for summer and a (unexpected) gift

Although it’s summertime, the sun has been a bit shy so far.

For the last couple of weeks, the days seem to alternate between glorious sunshine (and hot weather to match) and cloudy skies (with the matching  showers).

Needless to say, I needed to make a detour from my original summer sewing plans. So, this weekend, I went back to basics to prepare a “in-between” outfit that could be also worn (layered) when the sun is not shinning.

Summer sewing#1

My options: Picnic Class blouse (with added wideness at the front and back bodice and a favorite print form the Posy collection by Aneela Hoey) and Hopscotch skirt (dots print from my stash. Sorry, but I couldn’t find the source).

You can’t really beat Oliver+S pattern for basic pieces, that go together like a breeze (lol) and really look great together (I am a huge fan of mix and match with Oliver + S patterns).

I added a bit of lace at the front yoke for added interest (and because it’s easier to tell the front from the back, lol).

Summer sewing#2

The colors look really nice right now and I’m sure these will become great transitional pieces for fall as well.

Summer sewing#3

(this pint really appeals to my book lover-self. There’s something magical about reading your favorite books in a peaceful countryside. And the little chicks are my girl’s current favorite).

Did you also happen to notice my new “toy”?

Summer sewing#4

I found this dress form in an auction site a few weeks ago and, promptly, shared my discovery with my husband (the dress form is not new, but it looks pretty nice to me). As he already bears quite a lot with my sewing projects (too much, I must add) I assume it was “nice” to share this as well (he did made a funny face, now that I think about it).

What I didn’t expect was for him to come home a few of days later holding the dress form as a gift to me 🙂 He even did some negotiation with the seller and went to pick it up personally!

Love! (and it’s even more impressive, considering the fact that I don’t have a separate sewing room and the dress form is too big to fit my (sewing) cupboard. Yet, it does looks rather nice in our bedroom, lol).

Happy sewing everyone (the sun is suppose to be back in a couple of days, so I need to return to summer sewing),

Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “Picnic class for summer and a (unexpected) gift

  1. That was so nice of your husband to get you the dress form. What a sweetie! The forms are so handy and I just don’t know how I managed without one. Yours will be looking at you first thing in the morning! lol!!

  2. What a sweet husband! And your outfit is beautiful…I too, love that book print, and I just might have to pick some up.

    1. lol
      I’ve been looking for one since I started sewing (they were either too expensive or shipping costs made them not an option).
      This was from a warehouse sale-out so the price was just right and the seller lived in a nearby city. Lucky!

  3. Chiquitina que conjunto tan bonito pero la blusa me encanta!! La tela es divina. …
    Y felicidades por tu maniquí. . Que bien…lo vas a usar un monton!!!.
    Y yo tb tengo el mio en mi dormitorio ya que tp tengo cuarto de costura, ja ja ja

    1. ¡Gracias!
      ¡La verdad es que queda muy mono en el dormitorio!
      ¡Lo problema es mi niña pues le gusta juguetear con el – es que queda fenomenal con su vestido de sevillana!

  4. Muitos parabéns pelo novo manequim! Vais ver que te vai dar imenso jeito. Eu já não consigo passar sem o meu!
    A roupa nova ficou girissima! O tecido do top é lindo!

    1. Obrigada, Marta!
      Andava à “caça” de um já há algum tempo – dá mesmo jeito para ir colocando a peça à medida que se vai fazendo.
      O tecido parece-me mais indicado para o Outono mas com o tempo que temos tido, achei melhor nem esperar (fica-lhe um pouco grande, por isso ainda lhe deve servir daqui a uns meses)

  5. Lovely blouse – I love blouses, and you’re right about how good they are for transitional weather – which is even more unpredictable in England! I’ve just posted a blouse on my blog, for the same reasons. I would love it if you’ve got a moment to take a look?as-it-seams.blogspot.co.uk.
    And I love the dress form.! Makes it easier to see your work – must add one to my shopping list…

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Victoria!
      Just checked your blog (already a follower) and can’t wait to see more of your lovely creations!

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