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Sewing tour – summer dresses #1

I have a bit of summer sewing to blog about but (unfortunately) I only manage to find the time to do it once a week.

So, I’ve decided to make a bit of a Sewing tour for the summer dresses done so far. Would you care to join me?

I’ll have to start with one of my most-used dress patterns for this season (the Colombine dress from P&M), I’ve made 4 of these (here, here and here. I have also done a winter version which was also a favorite) with a few mods and they are getting quite a lot of wear (I’ve been told these are great for twirling …).

Liberty Lifestyle#3

As usual, and because the original Colombine pattern has long-sleeves, there are a few mods to make it more “summer-friendly”: sleeveless, added lace trim to the front and more fullness to the shirt panels (don’t forget, the very important twirl factor).

My fabric choice was one of the Liberty Lifestyle prints (this one is Garnett) that I bought a few months ago on an online sale (here). The quality is quilting cotton, but it’s surprisingly soft (sateen like) and the colors are just stunning.

Liberty Lifestyle#2

These pictures were taken in one of those cloudy summer days, we’ve been having this year (and with the help of my new “toy”. Still in love….)

Liberty Lifestyle#1

I’ve said it before (and probably because I’ve done quite a few so far) but this pattern really “sews” quickly and they look wonderful, classic and are perfect for layering (can’t you just picture this dress with a long-sleeve tee and a cardigan for warmer days?).

Liberty Lifestyle#5

Of course, some action pictures were taken just to prove how versatile this dress really is: perfect for twirling, running and jumping …

PicMonkey Collage_Summer dresses#1

Don’t you just love the colors?

Liberty Lifestyle#9

Wishing you all a lovely (sewing) week!

xx, Ana Sofia

20 thoughts on “Sewing tour – summer dresses #1

  1. Es una vestido super lindo!!, con esa tela tan colorida y divertida!!.
    Tu niña guapisima como siempre!!

  2. These are fantastic! I’ve just discovered your blog, a few weeks ago (via Oliver and S) and I’m thrilled to have links to someone else in Europe! I’m in France, and hands down, my biggest challenge is finding good quality and cute fabrics (that don’t cost a fortune)- I’m not lucky enough to have a good fabric store near me, so it all has to be done online… Just curious, where do you get your fabric? Or are you lucky and have a good store near you?

    In any case, thanks for putting yourself out here, and for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Susan!
      It does look like the sewing community is smaller in Europe, but there are quite a few lovely blogs and lots of inspiration.
      As for fabric shopping, I believe we face the same issues: my local shops only carry a (very) limited selection and the prices are a bit expensive. Most of my fabric shopping is done online ( and for quilting cottons and and ebay sellers for Liberty sales) and sometimes I’m lucky to purchase (locally) at stock-off sales (most of my winter fabrics were from a stock-off sale in a warehouse close to where I live. I got a notice by email!)

  3. This is just gorgeous! I hope you don’t mind, I pinned the first shot (dress on mannequin). I need this pattern! And the fabric is just lovely.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Inger!
      This pattern is lovely (although I’ve done quite a few mods to the original version) 🙂

  4. Beautiful dress! I’m a little bit jealous of your cloudy summer days…it is lazing hot here!

    1. Thank you!
      If this was like our typical summer season I would say the same (it’s usually very hot), but this year it’s been kind of crazy – 5 days hot and sunny followed by a couple of cloudy and rainy days. It’s like going through the 4 seasons in about a week. I never thought I would say this, but I do miss “my hot summer days” …

  5. This dress is probably the most gorgeous one I’ve seen this season! I juste love the fabric, and I already have this pattern but wouldn’t have thought of making a summer dress with it.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment (you just made my day)!!
      This is a lovely pattern and I needed to make it work for summer. So I just added some mods until I got a look that I love – The good part is that this sleeveless version can also be worn all-year (just add a blouse and tights when it gets colder) 🙂
      I just start following your blog – can’t wait to see your version soon!

  6. Nada como um vestido clásico feito com um tecido bonito, não é?
    O molde, o tecido, o promenor, tudo fantástico!
    Esta dica do site que vende liberty a preços razoaveis é óptima! Tenho uma série de tecidos liberty guardados (comprados naquele armazém) e não os consigo usar porque são demasiado bons e bonitos… Talvez agora me aventure!

    1. Confesso que não me é nada fácil cortar tecidos 😦
      E o “pior” é que eles crescem sempre super depressa e em breve os vestidos deixam de servir (e no meu caso, não há manas nem primas mais novas …)

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