June “Flip this Pattern” – Bubble Pocket Shorts

I’m not sure if you have been following the “Flip This Pattern” series by the lovely ladies at FrancesSuzanne, but let me urge you to take a look!

Every flipped version made by the competitors and in the sew-along participants is just amazing (truly amazing. I’m overwhelmed by the creative and endless possibilities of the flipped versions).

The flipped pattern for the month of June was the sensational Bubble Pocket Shorts from E&E.


Flipping a pattern is not easy and flipping a great one is even more difficult (and for this series, there are nothing but great patterns), but this month competitor’s flipped versions were really impressive. Check them here:

Flipped Creation One by Lisa, from Mommy’s Apron Strings

Flipped Creation Two by Suzanne, from Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, and Whatnot

Flipped Creation Three by Marta, from do Guincho

Another great news is that everyone could join the monthly competition and enter a flipped version in the sew-along (there are prizes for both  the competitors and the sew-along winners).


How are the winners select, you may ask?

Voting, of course 🙂

Voting for the June “Flip This Pattern” will start in a few hours, so don’t forget to check back to FrancesSuzanne and cast you vote.

I’ll be taking part in June Sew-Along Judges and believe me, it won’t be easy to choose a favorite …

Check bellow the monthly pattern list for the “Flip This Pattern” series and join the fun (PS. Next month it will flip the Oliver+S Roller Skate Dress and Tunic. Awesome, right?)

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  1. Thanks for spreading the news, Ana Sofia!! What a detailed post with all sorts of links for your followers to check out! Oh, how we DON’T envy you as you begin to judge the sew-along group in the upcoming days!! It’s been a GREAT first month of the series….we are already gearing up for the next one :).

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