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Summer shorts

I should be blogging about Summer Dress#2 (I’m already on number 4), yet I am still working on the action pictures (more challenging that the actual sewing, believe me …).

So, instead, I’ll show you the most requested piece for the summer season: the bubble shorts.

This one are from P&M and it’s adorable (in my opinion, of course).

It’s called Léon (french name, for sure) and although I wouldn’t rated it as an easy pattern (lots of pieces and step-by-step instructions), it does come together quite nicely (note: the instructions are in french, but there’re lots of drawings to take you along the process).

Léon Collage #1

These shorts took me a bit over 2 hours from start to finish, but I did skip the hem tab shown in the pattern and I still need to do the buttonholes (the buttons are just sewn in because we were rushing out the door …).

The main fabric is from Jennifer Paganelli’s Happy Land collection (this one is Claudia in Midnight) and the turquoise dots were from my stash (I think it’s the Children at Play collection from Sarah Jane, but I may be just guessing).

For the top I used the Maddie pattern from Sis Boom (I got a fb 50% pdf sale and got the mother and daughter versions, lol) and a White Swiss Dot Voile from my stash (again, I’m guessing it was from Chez Ami) which was truly a nightmare to work with (it kept getting tucked in my needle every 5 segs …). Yet, it’s lovely and perfect for hot summer days (I have used it before and can’t remember it being so difficult to work it. Maybe I am over-reacting and I was sewing in the wee small hours of the morning).

The top pattern is really lovely, with clear step-by-step instructions and cute butterfly sleeves. I’ll be using it again soon (with a different type of fabric, of course).

Leon Collage#2

Summer always feels better with shorts and tops, don’t you think?

I already have a second pair on the making and I just need to add a matching top (any suggestions? For this one will be made using a baby pink chambray, lol).

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

19 thoughts on “Summer shorts

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen that shorts pattern before. Those shorts are darling. Super cute with the white top and very wearable!

    1. I’ve discovered this pattern company a while back and I’ve been since discovering their designs – I love their understated french chic 🙂

  2. The whole outfit is adorable! I love the top….it is very classic and looks so comfortable!

    1. Thanks! It’s been perfect for our current heat wave – I’ve just completed another set just in case, lol (will be posting it soon …).

  3. I absolutely love the fabric you used for the shorts! It’s so bright and sunny and feminine! The whole outfit looks great!

    1. I heard that the English translation was coming soon. Not quite sure if it’s true, but I’m sure it would pleased a lot of people (me included) 🙂

  4. adoro todo lo que haces!!! donde consigo los patrones? estoy empezando con la costura y me encanto el conjunto!!! saludos desde argentina

  5. Hi, I love all of your designs too!! Where did you get those precious pink Mary Janes with the ties? Or who makes them? Also, what brand are her other navy Mary Janes?

    1. Hi Caroline,
      My girl was lucky to model for the shoe brand catalog (and got a couple of shoes as “gift” directly from the supplier) – nevertheless, usually I buy them from a local shop (here’s the link to a Facebook page where you can find the same styles: unfortunately, I’m not located in the US so I’m not quite sure if it helps you 🙂

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