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Sewing tour – summer dresses #2

Onto another summer dress of my “personal” Summer Dress Sewing Tour 🙂

A sweet friend lend me a couple of her Japanese sewing pattern books a couple of months ago. I instantly fell in love with the simple designs and carefree clothes.

Soon, I decided it was about time I got some as well – I bought three so far and hopefully these will “feed” my sewing urges for a while.

If you follow this blog for a while, you are already familiar with my weakness for sewing dresses (it could be worse, right?), so my first buy was this cute Japanese Sewing book (not very well-known or popular, but the again, I’m always a bit behind the current trends).

Nevertheless, when the package arrived a couple of weeks later, I was a bit surprised – this is obviously not your typical sewing book: the patterns are presented “manga style” (Japanese comics) and the story tells the adventures of a mother of three girls that learns to sew dresses for her daughters – starting from simple into more elaborated designs – including pockets, hoods and even knits. It features 33 dresses (ranging from 90cm to 140 cm) and I really want to sew every single dress in it – 33 dresses from 90 cm to 140 cm, so I might be busy for quite a while.

Of course, I decided to start with a simple pinafore dress (pattern 14 minus the pockets). This were the book instructions for this pattern (doesn’t it make you smile?):


The fabric is a cotton sateen plaid from a fabric stock-off sale. It’s gorgeous and really soft to the touch (and I wish I could use it for me as well).


After reading a few posts on Japanese patterns books, I decided to add seam allowances to my pieces, which may not have been a smart decision.

The final dress was really huge on my girl (she’s 5 and tall for her age, yet I’m pretty sure the dress would only fit her in about 3 years from now …).

Unfortunately, I only realized that after the dress was completed …


I did unpick some seams and took some width from the sides, but it’s still quite big (I know it would be wiser just to unpick everything and sew it again, but in case, you haven’t noticed yet, I am not too fond of my seam ripper and I always rather sewing a new dress than adjusting one that it’s already finished. Yeah, go figure!).


She loves it, nonetheless, and due to our current heat wage (over 42ºC/108ºF during the day), a loose-fitting dress must be just what you need …


What do you think? Wear it now or save it for later? (or both, lol)

xx, Ana Sofia

21 thoughts on “Sewing tour – summer dresses #2

  1. I say both. Wear it and keep wearing it til it falls apart!
    What a curious book you found. And what a handy link to an Etsy shop to feed my Japanese pattern book addiction, thanks, I think…

  2. This is lovely, the pattern is gorgeous and the book looks really fun. I think it looks fine being a bit big, and great in the hot weather. It will last her ages as well. Xxx

    1. It’s been really hot around here, so a loose fit dress is perfect 🙂
      I’m sure she’ll be wearing this for quite a long time – she loves the colors (and the fit)

  3. Muito giro. O livro parece divertido! E o vestido ter ficado grande, ao menos serve durante mais tempo (tb detesto fazer alterações mas tenho trabalhado nisso!)

    1. Obrigada Magda! Só agora é que “descobri” o teu bog (adoro!!).
      Já percebi que tenho de o explorar um pouco mais – inspiração não falta 🙂

  4. Both! The dress is just lovely! I too dislike my seam ripper and would rather sew a new garment than up-pick seams and re-sew 😉

  5. O vestido é lindo. São todos aliás. O livro está na minha wish list à anos, mas não consigo encontra-lo…. consegue ajudar-me? Se sim, estou em obrigada e bjinhos

    1. Obrigada! Este descobri numa loja da, mas era o último (em segunda mão e com indicação de out-of-stock). Também o “namorei” durante alguns meses antes de me decidir. Se encontrar outro local, envio-te uma mensagem 🙂

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