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KCW Summer – Day 1

The Kids Clothes Week Summer 2013 starts today and obviously I didn’t want to miss the fun …

KCW Summer 2013

This time around, I planned ahead (kind of … anyway, as some pictures still need to be taken and there’s a couple of projects in the pipeline. However, most of the sewing is already done) and I hope to be showing a new piece (almost) everyday 🙂

Of course, I won’t be adding lots of info, but in case I miss something I’ll be adding further details later.

So, shall we start?

My first KCW Summer project is actually a combo: I matched the Appoline top (from Citronille) with another summer favorite, the Léon shorts from P&M.

KCW Summer#1

I believe Appoline is my most used Citronille pattern to date. I always manage to put together a couple of these for summer and I’m just considering making a few in corduroy for layering when the weather gets a bit cooler. For this version, I used a pink oxford and added a few inches to the length (hoping that she could wear it until the summer ends. Hopefully by late October).

Based on some comments and mails I get, I know it is not easy to get French patterns outside Europe (French instructions may also be an issue for some) I did a bit of searching and found that McCalls 6022 (view C) is a close match. You may wish to give it a try (please be advised that I have not tested the McCalls pattern. My judgement is based on the pattern cover and drawings only).


You may have noticed by now (if you missed my previous version, you may check it here), that the Léon shorts are a current favorite (as seen here) with my girls – comfy and cute, always works for her. They have a nice length and I just love the bubble effect on her “baby legs”. Hopefully, she will also be able to wear these until the end of summer (fingers crossed).

For this version, I picked 1/2 meter of a lovely Tilda print from my local fabric shop and managed to sew both the shorts and the (mandatory) bow hair tie (following this free Oliver + S tutorial).

We also both love the front pockets: perfect for carry almost everything a little girl needs (ok, maybe not everything  but she does carry a lot in those). I used the same pink oxford for contrast and I think it looks so cute.


So there you have it: KCW Summer day 1 fully accomplished.

I hope to come back tomorrow with another project 🙂

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “KCW Summer – Day 1

  1. Gorgeous little outfit! I love practical play clothes that are pretty too. I always look forward to your blogs as everything you sew is exactly my taste too. Love all the fabrics you choose.

  2. Adorei a combinação das cores! E modelo de top é realmente um clássico. Um dia tenho que experimentar…
    Consegues arranjar tecidos Tilda a preços razoáveis por cá? Hoje vi uns lindos n’ Os Bispos na Parede mas custavam quase 20 euros o metro! Mal posso esperar para ver os próximos posts da semana!

    1. Obrigada Marta! O top é super simples, mas se calhar é por isso mesmo que fica sempre tão bem 🙂
      Normalmente compro os tecidos Tilda em Campo de Ourique (e não são nada em conta) mas os padrões são deliciosos e o algodão é muito macio. Os da nova colecção são um pouco mais baratos (mas a largura é menor, por isso acho que feitas as contas ainda compensa menos). Para estes calções, laço de cabelo (e outra “surpresa” que espero mostrar muito em breve …) usei pouco menos de 1/2 metro 🙂

  3. The shorts are so adorable, makes me wish I was 5 years old again just so I can wear it and blow bubbles in the sun 🙂

    1. Thank you An!
      This is one of my favorite combos for beating our hot summer days (it was 46ºC when these pictures were taken) 🙂

  4. I have just ordered the apolline pattern. Is it very difficult to make with French instructions? Do I have to add seam allowances to the pattern?

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